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Alanís Memories of 26 Years at Sea 

Alan Mackenzie has made a huge contributed to this site with over 200 photos and a 6378 word essay about his amazing 26 year career. Brilliant stuff, thanks Alan. To reduce the loading time Iíve split it all up into 9 separate pages listed under the ships that Alan sailed on.


All the narration with each photo is from Alan.

Iberia (Pre Sea Daze 1967)

ss Oronsay (1973-1975)

ss Canberra (1976-1985)

ss Canberra (1985-1996)

ss Canberra (Additions)

ss Oriana (1977-1982)

Sea Princess (1979-1983)

ss Uganda (1980)

Sun Princess (1980)

Island Princess (1982)

Royal Princess (1984-1985)

mv Oriana (1995)

Victoria (1997-2002)

mv Arcadia (2001-2002)

Sea Story

mv Arcadia 2001-2002

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Arcadia sailing from Southampton. This was taken by a visiting friend - I was on standby in the ECR at the time! 


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One of the highly enjoyable Officers' dinner parties hosted by Captain Mike Carr. Can't remember everybody but I'll have a go.


Angie Carr, Jeff Talbot SEO, ??, Tim Gibbons 1/ETO,  Paul Carney CEO, Self SETO, Pauline, Christine Harwood (Now Paul Carney's wife), Tim Jenkins 1/EO, SECO, Peter ? D/P, ??, Jacquie Bott D/P, Julian Burgess S/Capt, Zak Coombes Purser, Captain Mike Carr, ??, ??, ??, ??, Rudolf Schramm Doctor. 


Tim Jenkins has kindly added the following information;

3rd from left = Simon Davies
Peter D/P = Peter Thomas (aka Tin Tin)
Next to Mike Carr = Kylie Phillips A/P and then 1/O Stephen Howarth.


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Another dinner party.


?, Ross Howard CR/DIR, Jeff Talbot SEO, Charlie Hill CEO, Julian Burgess S/Capt, Peter ? D/P, ?, ?, Mike Carr, SECO, ?, ?, Brian Purnell Purser, David Hall D/P, ?, Self SETO, Angie Carr, Jacquie Bott D/P. 


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Oct. 02  

Self SETO with lady-friend Dawn at dinner, Table 159, Pacific Restaurant. Note the new purple edged stripes! 


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