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Alan Wright's Memories

Tony Simpson (2RO), Pago Pago, 28 Nov 1978.


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Gordon Chapman (1RO) & Alan Wright (TRO), Sydney Circular Quay, 7 Dec 1978.


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ss Oriana alongside at Circular Quay as Arcadia sails under the Harbour Bridge to Pyrmont. This was the last time these two magnificent ships would be in port together. Sydney, 22 Dec 1978.


Arcadia sailing under the Sydney Harbour Bridge. 


Embossed on every one of those beams are the words "Appleby Frodingham Scunthorpe" which is the steel works where I did my apprenticeship.


Tony Dyson (1RO) with Snoopy mascot, 3 Jan 1979.


Capt. Steve Townsend and Tony Dyson (1RO) about to leave for the airport and the big bird home. Sydney, 5 Jan 1978.


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