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Bill Paterson's Memories

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Bill recalls;

My cabin on the SS Arcadia - circa 1970. 


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I forget the young lady's name, this is outside the accommodation on Oronsay 1968. 


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Photo of my last piss up in the wardroom of Chusan 1971.

Interest in Martin Peek has come up in the Forum and Bill advised that he was in this photo and Harbo believes it's the head with eyes closed seen between the black and ginger bearded gentlemen on the right of the photo. 


David Saunders advises;

A few of the names are: at left showing some leg, Norman Pound (2nd Engineer); crouching at the front in a white jacket and ordinary tie is Eddie Duncan (Engine Room Storekeeper) and standing at right in whites with the black beard is Roy Chivers/Chilvers (Accom Supervisor). Two new names for the site - standing at the back on the right with a beard giving a blessing is Robin Priestley (Junior 2nd Officer); and I think the Chief is R Purdy Ė canít remember his first name.


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Rod Murchison has kindly taken the time to put yellow numbers on the people he remembers (they're clearer on the enlarged image).

1 - John Palmer

2 - Me, Rod Murchison (Murch)

3 - John Wagstaff

4 - Brian Gold

5 - Frank Barton

6 - Martin Peek

7 - Ronnie Price

8 - Lecky. Canít remember his name but always went commando!

9 - John Hewison


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Himalaya v Chusan for P&O Championship, Fiji 1969. The result was 2-1 to Himalaya. 


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David McCully, John Betts and Bill Paterson, Oronsay 1968. 


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Engine room Arcadia 1970 - Bill's first cruise to Alaska. 


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Last piss up Chusan 1971. 


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Both teams Himalaya and Chusan, Fiji 1969. 


This was taken down the Arcadia boiler room and the heads are from front to back;

Roger Major (wee butty), Dave Wilcox (big butty), Bill Paterson, Roger Jowett, John Hunsley (Scun - after Scunthorpe), Roy Barlett (RAF). 


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This was taken in Fiji after the Himalaya had played the Fijian Police. Brian Mathews is seen at the back row right with not a hair out of place. 


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This is myself and Brian Kelvin (Lurch) at the arse end of the Arcadia in Ketchikan on the maiden trip to Alaska. 


The Wardroom of the Himalaya in 1968 and shows the veritable Brian Mathews, myself and Bobby Mews. 


Having sippers in my cabin on the Arcadia in 1970 and shows Dave Wilcox (Big Butty), John Hunsley (Scun), yours truly, and Brian Kelvin (Lurch) last heard of in Western Australia in the late 1970s.

I would like to hear from anyone who remembers the Scottish Boilermaker. Cheers, Bill Paterson.


Steve B adds;

Just a note about John Hunsley. He was the Fitter that I was assigned to in the last year of my apprenticeship at the Scunthorpe Steelworks in 1973. He plagued me with stories of the sea and how I would be mad to spend 45 years working in the filthy grimy steelworks when the whole world was out there waiting for me. He gave me Hewitt's contact details and I applied just to shut him up. The rest is history as they say but I'm well aware that without John Hunsley I would have married the girl who used to sell me sausage rolls in the works canteen and worked as a fitter on the steelworks for 45 years and certainly wouldn't be writing this now. Thanks John!


Bill follows on to say;

I remember vividly that Scun was getting married and Brian 'Lurch' Kelvin and I were going to hire a car and drive to Scunthorpe and surprise him at his wedding. We didn't know his address or where the wedding was but it all sounded good sitting in a Glasgow pub at midnight totally pissed but, suffice to say, the morning brought clearer thoughts and we decided otherwise. However, we all thought Scun would be back on the Arcadia. I was transferred to the Chusan but Lurch stayed on the Arcadia and when we bumped into them in Nassau, Lurch informed me that Scun was MIA. That was the last I heard of him.


I have his email address Bill, should you wish to drop him a line!


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