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Dave Jewkesí Memories

The following photos and accompanying narration have been sent in by Dave Jewkes. 



Dave Oakes, I think next is Nipper Redmond, next I don't know, then Dave Cornwall (aka Cornish) and then me. Just an night outside the Disco!


Kevin O'Connor tells me that the guy second from the left is Pete Edwards (aka Cornish) although it's a bit unusual to have two guys on the same ship having the same nickname. Maybe someone can confirm this for us.


Marty Elliot has named the gentleman in the centre as Dave Scammell, thanks Marty.



Pat Gallagher (Pat the Hat), Peter Gillespie (Goldfish), Me and Cornish again. At the bar in the Stern Gallery!! Not allowed!!




Mike Jack, Bernie O'Dell and myself. Bernie has passed on, something about a car accident.


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Ocean Bar group shot!!

L-R Back:      

Kenny Gillespie, Bernie O'Dell, ??, Roddy McConnell, Steve Stroud, Tony Cooper (aka No Chance), Mark Cunningham, ?? (possibly Supersonic), Dave Jewkes, Mike Jack, ??.


Gary Wood who is actually bringing out the new Crown Princess this month. He is Staff Electro Technical Officer, Two Joker Seven girls (very nice!!), then David Shimmons and then an Entertainments girl (once again very nice!!)

The names in grey have been kindly supplied by Tony Cooper.

Party time in night club on Sea Princess with a Radio Officer and myself, cannot remember his name though. 


Alan Mackenzie's fairly sure that this is Roger Dobney, whose nickname at sea was "Shirty", owing to an incident aboard (ss) Arcadia. Apparently the R/O watchkeeper had come up to Roger's cabin to put him on the shake (no phones in those days!), went in and found Roger in a very compromising situation with a young Australian lady and the only thing he had on was his mess shirt....! Say no more!


Alan Conlin (TT) and a Joker Seven girl. The occasion was drinks after crossing the line. TT and the Joker Seven ended up in the shower fully clothed !!


Cabin Party on Sea Princess, Steve Hodge is in the picture with his finger up, Ray Houghton at the back and Colin Gelattly on the bed at the back. Also on the day bed next to me is Colin McFail. Just cabin drinks. Jimmy Plowman is in the chair.


Another cabin party, Bob Oliver whoís now Captain is sat on the day bed and Mike Fowler is at the window end, he was second mate I think.


At the back is Graham Bond, the Joker Seven again, some third mate, Fritz, cannot remember his name and Alan Conlin.


Black smoke, what black smoke!!


This is Carol Browne (WAP) having an engine room visit, Ray Houghton showing her around!


Same engine room visit, no idea of the WAP on the left but that's Carol again, both tasty, Guy Galpin is the other engineer and Roger Dobney (RO).


This was Colin McFail's birthday. With BBJ in the back ground. She was known as Big Bad Jo, she married Neil Lindfield (an engineer).


I made Colin a measure for his whisky!!


That was the Roger Dobney (RO) and Ray Houghton, both on 12-4 and on the piss till daylight!!


Canít remember?


Canít remember?


Jimmy Plowman.


Just a Bow shot in Hong Kong.


I donít see any safety harnesses being worn there, OHAS would have a field day today.


Squash and Jag Lewis.

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The cadets of 1971!! Back row no's 3, 4 and 5 are Bunny Warren, me and Paul Clasby. Front row No 4 is Bill Gibbons the P&O lecturer known by all cadets who went to South Shields. No 6 is Mike Jack.


Back to the crossing line drinks afterwards and the new addition is Roddy McConnell.


This was a tug of war competition between ships company on the old Oriana in the stadium area. One with the Microphone is Captain John Young. Holding the rope is Rory Smith who retired last year as Captain and the man with the blue hat and hands coming out the side is John Evens (Doctor).


This is the WAPís team, say no more, Iíll leave it to Celia to name them!!


In this one working from left to right, not sure who is the first lad. Next was Howie Poole who has sadly passed on in 2004 with a brain tumour. Cannot remember the next one, Jeff Talbot and Pete Johnson. In the front with the red and white hat is Scary Joe or Jo Scaramuza!


In this one the only addition is the anchor man with the yellow tin hat on which is Roddy McConnell.


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Gary Wood, Lloyd Davies, Stu Pharaoh, Malcolm Dan (aka Danno), not sure, not sure, Philip Jackson, Mozo, The Bopper, Ron Dunford, Barry Mulder (Purser), Terry Russel, Richard Rutter (Purser) taking a handover, me and then Andy Ball.

Front: (named by Sally Byrne)    

Gordon McIntyre (AP), Dave Gilbert (AP), John ? (Deck Cadet).


Stu Pharaoh and Malcolm Dan have been named by Martin Egan (aka Slim)


This is an officers review, the actual video of this act can be seen here

Sally Byrne has kindly named the above as;


Gilly Wray (WAP), Wendy Chapell (AP), Dave Gilbert (AP), Gill ? (WAP), Gordon McIntyre (AP), Leigh Crumbie (AP), Jane Chantry (AP).


This is the Apollos, Terry Russell, don't know, Kevin Dolan (Tanky), don't know and Jeff Talbot.

The video can be seen here.


One finger one thumb, Jeff Talbot, Chris bale, Roddy McConnell, Tim Wride and Jim Barlow.

The video can be seen here.


First one ?, Chris Bale, Jim Barlow and Squash, cannot remember the story line!

The video can be seen here.


Dying Swan: Roddy McConnell, Marty Elliot, behind Marty is the actual swan Paddy Clare, Kevin Dolan (Tanky) and then not sure?

The video can be seen here.


Terry Russell and Kevin Dolan (Tanky).

The video can be seen here.


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The whole cast ?

The video can be seen here.


This was Wardroom fun! Michael Blaskewicz (Blaster) is inspecting the squadron! Jim Barlow has the hat on, others not sure?


In the very front someone has the green Xmas decoration which is the Propeller, think its Gary Wood, behind is Michael Blaskewicz (Blaster) and Kieran Goulding


In this one theyíve been hit and are going down!! Behind Kieran in the trilby hat is Kenny Ellis I think. You will note the rear gunner with the Pith Helmet on!


Same but closer up as above.


Here you can see the bombs weíve been throwing from the bar, empty cans of VB!!


Bob Ashdown (Cuddly bob). Trying to get him up to go out on the town after work!


Gary the worse for ware after a night out!


I remember this so well, itís Kenny Ellis. He was boxed with a WAP but has always denied it. The picture is actually Xmas morning. What we did was blow up hundreds of balloons and stored them in a spare cabin an alleyway away. When they had secret Santa in the wardroom I left with a couple of lads and we moved all the balloons to his cabin, we filled it to the top!! That night he never made it back to his cabin, he arrived back at about 10 to 8 on Xmas morning to be on duty and found his cabin full, all we could hear for about two hours was the popping of balloons!!! We also caught him out!!


Lynn Hurlstone (WAP), Bob Ashdown and Gary Wood, not sure what the joke was!


Michael Blaskewicz (Blaster) with his Xmas present.

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This was taken on the Island Princess in October or November 1988 which was my first ever tour as Chief!


L-R Back:      

Jack Brabham, Paul Gedge (Deceased), Andy Day, Dave Jewkes, Nigel Abbs, Paddy Clare.


??, ??, Paul Barrett is behind Dicky Hammond, Freddie Lloyd, Jim O'Conner is behind someone I donít know, John Blyth.


Thanks to Gary Edbrooke for naming Andy Day. Gary was on the Pacific and Island Princess as a cadet in 1982 then on the Island and Sea Princess as a AEO till he left in 86. Now living in Connecticut in the US since 87.


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