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Seadogs Index K

All the names are listed alphabetically by first name.


Karen ? (WAP)

Karina Baker

Karl Rochelle

Kathie Jones

Kathy Frohli

Kathy Riordan (Passenger)

Kathy's Memories of Pacific Princess, Royal Princess, Sky Princess.

Katie ? (Hairdresser)

Katie Chester

Katie Rutherford

Katie Shallcross

Katie Smith

Katy Easterling

Kay Davies

Kay James (now Eley)

Keith Chapman

Keith Cowan

Keith Fiddling (Deceased)

Keith Harris

Keith Hunt

Keith Jones

Keith Newman

Keith Parsons

Keith Radford (aka Splitpin or The Rat)

Keith Rourke

Keith Westbrook

Keith Wildman

Keith Wood

Ken ? (aka Steady Ken)

Ken Ellis

Ken Gurnett

Ken Lambourne

Ken Maynard

Ken McClennan

Ken Miller

Ken's Memories of Canberra.

Ken Otter (Deceased)

Ken Sharman

Ken Willey (Deceased)

Ken Worsfold

Kenny Gillespie

Kenny Matheson

Kenny Watson

Kerry ? (WAP)

Kerry Fox

Kerry Hodges

Kerry's Memories of Chusan, Coromandel, Pando Point.

Kerry Nickleson

Kerry Nicholson

Kevin Bohan

Kevin Dolan (aka Tanky)

Kevin Mcloughlin

Kevin Morgan (aka Morg)

Kevin Mountney

Kevin O’Connor (aka Taffy)

Kevin Sparks

Kevin Timms

Kevin's Memories of Oriana.

Kevin Wilson

Kieran Goulding

Kim ?

Kirstine Mayall

Kit Williams

Knotty (AEO)

Knuckle (Cadet)

Kylie Phillips



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Seadogs Index L

All the names are listed alphabetically by first name.


Larry Sylvestre

Lauraine Mulberry

Lauraine's Memories include Canberra, Island Princess, Nevasa, Pacific Princess, Sea Princess.

Laurie Bradley

Laurie Cram

Laurie Rennie

Lee Trevelyan (now Lane)

Leigh Crumbie

Leigh Fletcher

Len Martin

Les Booth

Les Clements (Deceased)

Les Diffey (Deceased)

Les' Memories of Oriana.

Les Harris

Les Morrow

Les Wighton

Leslie Eaton (Deceased)

Leslie Jon

Leslie Whitehand

Lew Finney

Leyla Incikaya (Deceased)

Lia Leenknegt 

Lilian Waddams (Deceased)

Lily Couvee

Linda Ascott

Linda Noonan

Linda Soper (now Richardson)(Deceased)

Linda Tattershall (aka Lovelace)

Linda Worrow (now Bentley)

Linzi Wallace

Lionel Brown (Deceased)

Lisa Elder

Lisa Connell (now Betteridge) (Deceased)

Lisa Varellas (Now Greenfield)

Lisa Ward Wilmott

Lissette Wallis (now Trembling)

Lita Roza

Liz Fischl

Liz Kenyon

Liz Kinniburgh

Liz McNamara

Liz Nickson

Liz Nixon

Liz Siddle (Deceased)

Liz Simpson

Liz Trainor

Lloyd Davies

Lloyd Griffiths

Logie Buchan

Loi Thorne

Lois Wheeler

Lorraine Evers

Lou Johnson

Lou Manzi

Louis ? (Plumber)

Louis Featherstone

Louise ? (WAP)

Louise Hicks (now Bridle)

Louise Jones

Louise Roper-Piesse

Lt. Eyre-Tanner R.N.

Lucy Sinfield

Luigi Memoli

Lyn Thompson

Lyn's Memories include Arcadia, Oriana, Oronsay, Uganda.

Lyn Walker (later Traverso)(Deceased)

Lyn Webster

Lyndon Munroe (Deceased)

Lyndsey Kelleher

Lynn Armsby

Lynn Attwood

Lynn Hurlstone (now Hart)

Lynn Scrivers (now Hallett)

Lynsey Morf


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Katie Chester

Katie Chester (on the left) is the daughter of the lovely Celia Cowan (now Chester) ex WAP - on the right and Peter Chester (ex Engineer). Katie followed her parent's footsteps and ventured away to Sea. She's sailed on the Pacific Princess, Grand Princess and Dawn Princess that I know about but maybe others as well. The picture above was taken on the Dawn Princess and the handsome gentleman in between both stunningly beautiful ladies is my old mate David Thomas (aka Dai) whom I had the pleasure of sailing with on Nevasa some 33 years ago. Katie is the modern day equivalent of a WAP but I'm not sure of the exact title. 


Mother, Daughter and the Dawn Princess. Great Picture!


There's some more recent photos of Katie and Celia in the latest addition to the Reunion section here.


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Keith Radford (aka Splitpin)

Keith’s been a tremendous help to me with encouragement and information and is responsible for sending all the material for the new  Oronsay section. 


click to enlarge

Above is Keith with Mrs Betty M Cunningham who unofficially adopted him as her English son. Keith believes he looks as if he'd just escaped from Alcatraz in this shot which can be seen in the background.


click to enlarge

Keith again but with Betty Cunningham's daughter Tana. Betty & Tana came to Australia for a sabbatical for 6 months and Tana did some design work for the Adelaide Festival, she returned to San Francisco, married Paul Curtis and now if you look on the IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base) for Tana Cunningham-Curtis you'll find her listed as Set Design and Dresser on the movie "The Attic" made in 1980.


This is a good shot of a typical Island Night.


Jon Harvey, A Passenger, John Thow, Keith’s wife, Keith.


The photo was taken in 1973 and he’s told me they were married in 1975 but hasn’t told me the lovely lady’s name but going by their email address I deduce it’s Lyn.


The following history is written by Keith.

In my listing you rightly assume that my wife's name is Lynne, we met about 3 days out from Fremantle on a "Homeward Bound" voyage. We later sailed from Southampton to Sydney via the Cape. On arrival in Sydney we did a two week Christmas cruise around the South Pacific, then turned for home and sailed back to Southampton. Although we were a Passenger ship, as most dogs would know, originally Oronsay was a Cargo/Passenger vessel and we carried a cargo of wool from Adelaide to Lisbon (enough to fill one hold). We were told the cartage of the wool paid for the whole trip so P&O, in their wisdom, launched a "Seaconomy fare" to the UK hence we had over 300 single girls on the homeward bound trip.


Lynne still has her Passenger ticket and the fare was something like $333.00. On arrival in Southampton I was asked by dear Mr Hewitt to take leave as I’d been at sea continuously since joining the company. I did but only on the condition that I was assigned back to Oronsay on her return from her Hawaiian cruising. Hewitt was as good as his word and I rejoined Oronsay. Lynne also booked her trip back home as she could see no sense in staying in the UK whist I was in Aus swanning around the South Pacific having a good time. Once we arrived back in Sydney in September the ship’s sailing schedule consisted of 12 months Aussie cruising and Lynne again joined me on the Christmas Cruise and eventually had more sea time than most of the crew. She was constantly being asked where various rooms were on the ship as she’d spent so much time on board.


Lynne and I regard this as our Engagement Photo taken on the "Deep-sea" voyage back to Australia obviously on "Island Night".....


Lynne made a lot of friends with other Officers on board, not just the Engineers. Most of whom we’re still in contact with but would love to know what happened to other shipmates from those halcyon days sailing the oceans of the World. People like Wendy and Beverley (Bendy & Swivelly) the Steiner girls, Jeff Galan (Sir John/Surgeon), Margaret Collins-Williams (Maggie with 2 dads) WAP. Chester Hudson (Asst Purser), Ralph Godfrey (Rafe the Nafe) Deck Officer, Di Tolhurst (Nurse), Paul ?? (Baby Doc).


If anyone knows anything about any of those people please drop Keith & Lynne an email.


Gareth Jones recalls this story about Keith;

I was about eight weeks into my first trip to sea on Oronsay, and I was just learning the difference between a boiler and a turbine. On this particular day the 12-4 watch noted that there was sea water pouring into the bilge underneath the port condenser. They did not trust me on watches at this point, so I was part off the day work team that went to have a look and identify the problem. What had happened was that the 4" pipe that took sea water from the bottom of the condenser to the lube oil cooler had cracked right on the flange where it connected to the bottom of the condenser. Even I knew that this was not good.


John Englefield (the bopper) was called and we knew we could not try and braze the leak because there was too much water coming from the crack, so as a temporary measure we decided to chock the pipe from underneath by hammering in wooden wedges between the tank top and the pipe. There was about four feet clearance between the bilge and the bottom of the condenser, Bopper was in the bilge, bent double holding the wooden chock in place and Keith Radford was swinging a sledge hammer that weighed about twice as much as he did. Both of them were getting absolutely soaking wet with the water coming from the pipe. After about two hits on the wedges, Keith swung the hammer for the third hit and missed. He hit Boppers watch, which unfortunately was still on his left wrist, the watch did little to soften the blow and Bopper flew out of the bilge screaming expletives at Keith about how he was going to kill him and then throw his puny body overboard.


It turned out that Keith had broken Bopper's wrist with the sledge hammer. Those people that knew Bopper were aware how volatile he could sometimes be, but at this point I’m sure Keith was going to be keel hauled at the very least. We finished hammering the chocks in, I think somebody rescued the sledge hammer from Keith who at this time was back on the plates, soaking wet and probably wondering how the company was going to explain his mysterious disappearance to his parents, when Bopper threw him overboard.


The next time I saw Bopper was later that evening with his arm in a sling, I really did think that Keith's life was over, but Bopper apologised to him and said that if Keith ever broke his wrist again he would follow up on his earlier threats. After about three days Keith was a folk hero on board, as the man that broke Bopper's wrist. Because I was a witness to the whole thing I also attained folk hero status, by relaying the whole incident to everybody on board that wanted to listen, of course the story was embellished every time it was repeated, but as I write this I cannot wipe the smile off my face. KEITH RADFORD … THE MAN THAT BROKE THE BOPPERS WRIST. 


click on photo to enlarge

These shots were taken on the 23rd August 2006 at a family dinner at the Bavarian Bier Cafe on Manly Wharf to celebrate the occasion of Keith & Lynne’s eldest son’s 29th birthday. The shot above shows, from the left, Lynne, Nathan (29), Jacqueline (18), Andrew (26), Dave (22) and Keith.

 click on photo to enlarge

Here’s the Birthday Boy Nathan & Jacqueline with their drinks. Nathan with a 1 litre Stein of Lowenbrau original and Jacqueline with 300mls of Lowenbrau Dunkel (and yes she did drink it all).

 click on photo to enlarge

Andrew and Dave.


click on photo to enlarge
This was at the end of the night when they bring round glasses of iced water with a slice of lemon in them.



click to enlarge

Keith sent in the above 2 shots of Dakar Dockside traders. They'll bring back memories for most of us but not for buying stuff ... selling it! 


click to enlarge

Keith explains;

Who would have thought 30 years ago when sailing from Pyrmont 13 under the Sydney Harbour Bridge, that one day I would stand at the top of the old coat hanger. The weather was absolutely abominable but what an experience. Will do it again in fine weather later on. In the photo is myself, son Nathan and daughter Jacqueline crossing from the eastern arch across to the western arch about 3/4 of the way across before descending. I can thoroughly recommend this as a "must do" if visiting Sydney not just for seadogs but for anyone.


If you're going to do it again Keith I'm coming over to do it with you ... brilliant! 


There’s more photos of Keith starting here.


Keith’s email address is


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Keith Rourke


Keith writes;

I have just noticed that my name is missing from the old seadogs list as I keep looking to see if any of my old mates from the Himalaya have joined as I was on her from 28/04/1973 up to 5/11/1974.


Keith's email address is


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Ken Ellis

A bit early for a beer at the Plough Tavern on Oriana Ken

Ken was a lecky with P&O from 1980 till 1994. He started on Canberra (drydock - Southampton - November .... welcome to the world of cruising!), then moved to the big 'O' in (82-84), Royal Princess (84), Sea Princess (85-88), and finished back on the Royal. He then transferred to P&O Ferries on the Irish Sea until 2001 when an argument with a lorry on the vehicle deck resulted in his medical discharge in 2003. He’s now self employed and does some technical writing for the same company as some the other ex-P&O guys - Ken Miller, Graeme Hayes and Neil Lindfield. It was Ken Miller who put me onto this site and he’s since spent many an enjoyable working hour looking through the site and seeing what old pals are up to. Welcome aboard Ken.


The photo above is a gathering of 4 of the more handsome members of the Oriana Eng dept of the day! Says Ken.


Paul Mommatt (aka Two Dogs - A/E/O), Ken Ellis (A/EL/O), Duncan Hall (aka Trog - 4/E/O) and Joe Scaramuzza (aka Scary Joe - 4/E/O).


click to enlarge

Royal Princess Karaoke: The ships answer to the Four Tops. 


Ian MacIntosh (4/ETO), Rob MacBrayne (4/ETO), Don Millar (1/ETO) and Ken Ellis (2/ETO)


Ken’s email address is


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Ken Miller (aka Windy)

I know this is a bad photo but I had to cut it from the large Canberra Group shot, I needed a photo to add Ken here so I had a place to put his fantastic movie. All I know about Ken is he was 4th Engineer on Canberra.


Check out Ken's brilliant movie (with sound) of Canberra's Engine Room here.

There's more of Ken in Ken's Memories here.


Ken's email address is


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Ken Worsfold

click on photo to enlarge

Ken was a quiet kind of guy. An excellent Engineer and well respected. I guess the best way I could describe Ken is that he didn’t suffer fools gladly. He loved the odd cabin piss up but did a fantastic job of avoiding the cameras. He couldn’t avoid this one though. That’s Ken 4th from the right in the seated group sitting next to Glyn Dodson and just behind John Thow.



Here’s a much better shot of Ken thanks to Mark Sawyer. That’s Ken on the left with Mark.


I’m very pleased to say that Ken has emailed me and he works for Caltex at the Kurnell refinery, and has done so for the last 19 years. Other P&O names working there are Jim Taylor, Phil Cable (another split pin), Jon Guy and Gary Prescott. He also keeps in touch with Andy Jackson and Terry Bartholomew (now retired) and has always stayed more or less up to date with what P&O are up to.


Here’s what he looks like now


I’m pleased he’s another, like me, who doesn’t look like he did 30 years ago unlike Mark, Speedy & Charlie who always make me feel so old when we get together, not that I’m saying you look old Ken, we’ve just done it tougher than the others, and proud of it :)


Ken’s email address is


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Kerry Hodges

click to enlarge

Kerry was an engineer with P&O from 1966-1972 serving on Coromandel, Chusan, Soudan, Chusan & Pando Point. 

Kerry writes;

I was home on leave in Australia in 1972 when the the company decided I should drop a rank and stay with Passenger Division or be in the New Cargo Division as a J/3 eng. I Decided not to return to sea at this time. I think the 1960's early 70's were a great time at sea with good companionship and social events onboard. I notice there's not a lot of cargo ship crew listed on your site. I spotted myself in a couple of Dave Saunders' photos (Krakatoa- East of Java Promotion).


Another shot of that event and others can be seen in Kerry's Memories.


Kerry's email address is


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Kevin Mountney

Kevin worked in the galley on the Sun Princess in 1980. The above picture was cut from a great photo of the entire Galley Staff of 1980 that Kevin sent in and it can be seen in the Sun Princess Groups section here.


Kevin's email address is


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Kevin O’Connor (aka Taffy)

Kevin sailed on the Orsova and Himalaya as A/E and 4/E from 72 to 74. He finishing up on the Himalaya scrap run in 74.


Kevin has sent in some great photos but with little detail so if anyone can help put names to faces please do.


Kevin with an unnamed passenger.


I'm told by Andy Westwood that the girl in this photo is Valerie whom Kevin went on to marry.


Here's Kevin with another unnamed passenger and he tells me the officer on the right is Jimmy Hill (Leckie).


click on photo to enlarge

Here's a group shot taken on Himalaya in 1973. 


Kevin O'Connor, Passenger, Stan Steers A/El, ??, Colin Thomas A/El, Paul Talarico A/Eng.


click on photo to enlarge

Here's another group shot taken on Orsova in 72/73. I recognise Kevin with another passenger on his knee, getting a bit of a reputation here Kev! 


?? (AP), ?? (Baby Doc), Kevin O'Connor, ?? (Nursing Sister), ?? (WAP), Mike ? (The Bean), Margaret ? (Chili Ho), Marty Elliot, ??, John “Snoopy” Gray (he came from the Orkneys), ?? (Junior Freezer).


I've got no idea who the girl is but she's well worth including and it's a nice shot of the ships :)


All I can tell you about this one is that's Rob ? (AEO) on the left, Kevin on the right and Orsova berthed at Circular Quay, Sydney taken in 1972.


click on photo to enlarge

Here's a better shot of Orsova taken the same day.


This is Tom Sheridan & John Stephenson taken on Orsova 1972.


And finally this handsome couple ... unknown!


Hopefully Kevin or someone in the Seadog community will come up with the names. Thanks for your contribution Kevin.


There's more of Kevin here.


Kevin's current email address is unknown.


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Kevin Timms

Kevin was a great guy, intelligent, funny, friendly … I could go on. He was always happy and smiling with a great positive attitude. He was a real pleasure to be around. That’s Kevin with Alan Conlin in a headlock and that’s Mick Everson laying about on the left.


Steve & Kevin


Kevin dreaming about his girlfriend across the sea in Sydney.


Here’s one of him not smiling. It was obviously a staged shot not his natural self.


The funniest story about Kevin, although not funny at the time, was when he resigned and left the ship in Sydney to be with his girlfriend and he desperately wanted to take his beloved Budgie with him that he’s bought in Madeira so he coerced a couple of us to help him with his plan. First he put the bird in his jacket pocket and kept his hand in his pocket holding onto it and off he went ashore. Accomplice number one was Mark Sawyer who 10 minutes later walked off down the gang plank carrying Kevin’s toolbox stuffed with cat litter and Budgie food. Accomplice number two, yours truly, followed 10 minutes later trying nonchalantly to walk off the ship with a bloody empty Budgie cage. Fortunately for Australia the customs officers weren’t that easily fooled and I was met by one who said “you’re just the man we’re looking for … follow me”. I was led into a room with Kevin, Mark and a customs guy holding a budgie looking for a cage to put it in. Fortunately for me there’s no law against bringing a Budgie cage into the country so I was let off and told to go away. Mark was also let off and that was the last time I ever saw Kevin. I’d love to know what happened to him and the Budgie.


Here’s Kevin taken very recently with his gorgeous wife Lois and their 1 year old Luka. Currently they’re living in a renovated workers cottage in Birkdale (Brisbane) on the beautiful Moreton Bay area. They’ve been married for 2½ years now and Kevin claims Lois was a beautiful "Angel That Fell To Earth". I can’t disagree with that Kev, how romantic is that folks :)


He’s currently the I.T. Manager for ACL (Automotive Components Limited). Lois manages her time between being a Mother and a Marketing Manager for an IT firm in Brisbane.  Life, at the moment, for them is wonderful.


Kevin recalls;

I officially left the Big 'O' in Fremantle and stayed on as a passenger through to Sydney -  then just walked off the ship to start a new life with Margaret (former passenger) in Penrith (Lower Blue Mountains) NSW.  We got married 1 year (to the day) after we met - in Dorrigo and Geordie John was our Best Man. I also attended Geordie's wedding in Sydney (can't remember if I was Best Man or not) - haven't heard from him for years.


Margaret and I were married for nearly 20 years before we decided to call it a day. We have 2 marvellous "kids", Indya (24) currently in London working as Alan Bond's P.A. - and Bede (21 next month) who is in I.T. with the Environmental Protection Agency - he still lives with Margaret in Carindale (about 15 minute drive from where we live). Still good friends with Margaret and we see Indya and Bede when time and circumstance permit (21 is a very busy time of life and London is not exactly round the corner).


Amongst my career moves I worked with IBM for 12 years – 3½ of them in Dubbo - finishing up as a Large Systems Manager in Brisbane. I’ve since worked in a multimedia company that produced Touch-screen kiosks (you may have seen the ones we did for Perth City Council about 5 years ago).  Oh yeah - just remembered, I did a stint as an electrical fitter with a company called Gilbarco in Ryde very early in the piece with a certain Gavin Ash (the Leckie that I replaced when I joined Big 'O').


I had a few visits to Oriana shortly after leaving her including the famous Budgie Rustling incident - which resulted in me going to court and getting a fine, a criminal  record and a deceased budgie - never did get to thank you Steve for your help in the attempted "breakout".


And here’s the great new section called Kevin’s Memories with the first movie footage posted on this site.


There’s more photos of Kevin starting here.

Kevin’s email address is


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Kirstine Mayall

Kirstine was with P&O from 1977 to 1982 on Uganda and PP. The shot above was cut from a Uganda groups photo here and is the only photo I have of her (except for the very same photo in David Saunder's Memories).    


Kirstine now runs a business organising Golf Cruises. What a brilliant idea. Check out her fabulous Business Website at


Kirstine’s email address is


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Kit Williams


Kit was a shop girl, spending the years '79 through '81, mostly on board Sun Princess with a few months on Island Princess as well.


Kit says;

I was lucky to have begun my relationship with P&O/Princess at a very young age as my dad was Maritime Counsel on cases for both companies so he was bringing officers and crew home to meet the family, most memorable being Gerry McGowan, Malcolm Rushan, Ian Gibb and Brian MacDonald.


click on photo to enlarge

This photo is a rare one of three surgeons together (with a shop girl thrown in for good measure). Richard Webster being hugged, John Evans on the right and Frank Zaniewski in the cool shades. It was taken on the Sea Princess in Los Angeles in May of 1980. The Island Princess in port at the same time and they were changing surgeons on one of the ships so the three of them had a drink in the Surgeon's cabin on the Sun Princess.


Kit Says;

Above is Paddy Clare (Black), VO (ah, but he is missed) and Richard Webster, (Pink) Surgeon, in their kit for the Dying Swan, Paddy being the star of the Sea Princess version. Don't know if you knew Paddy (didn't everyone know Paddy Clare????), but he died in London in 1994.


You never know what life has in store for you, do you? Live for the moment!


click on photo to enlarge

Above is David Hannah on the bridge wing of Royal Princess in Glacier Bay.


click to enlarge

This is Kit today looking fabulous sailing a 46' Bavaria back to Long Beach from Catalina!


Kit’s email address is


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Laurie Bradley

click to enlarge

Courtesy of Don Cole

This is one of Laurie Bradley (left) and Don Cole in a reflective mood after dinner somewhere.


click to enlarge

Courtesy of Geoff Kimber

Geoff recalls;

The above photo is of Laurie reporting in to Uganda’s 2nd’s cabin on progress of maintenance down below either in dry-dock or during one of our regular turn-round port steam plant shut-downs. Making observations is Pete Johnson. I recall that Laurie was a Pompey apprentice who spent some time with RFA before joining P&O. Laurie used to entertain us after a suitable quantity of beer and/or Dubonnet and lemonade with quite passable renditions of Nat King Cole classics such as “Mona Lisa” and “You Made Me Love You”. In fact he was also encouraged to the Music Room stage on a few occasions to entertain the passengers. If this happened we had to be quite careful he did not do an encore with other less well-known classics that referred to his time with RFA with quite colourful lyrics.


There's more of Laurie here


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Laurie Cram

I don’t remember much about Laurie. I’m not even sure what his job was. I do know that’s him sitting down on the far right of the photo. The rest of the people are, L-R:     

Dennis Morris, Lee ? (passenger), David Marks, Dave Kirchin and Harry Ritchie & George McHugh in the alleyway.


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Lee Trevelyan (now Lane)

click to enlarge

Lee worked in the Knightsbridge shop on A deck of Oriana for about 3 years. The above photo was taken at the Trade Winds Hotel in Suva, Fiji and with her is Willie Henry. 


Lee's email address is withheld. 


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Les Booth


No photo yet!


Les was a deck hand on Oronsay's last voyage, he left the ship in Hong Kong before she was sent to Taiwan for scrap on 9th October 1975. 


Les' email address is


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Les Clements (Deceased)

Courtesy of Tim Clements

Les was a Royal Marine during WW2 serving in Burma. Years later he went to sea again firstly working for Townsend Thoreson on the Dover-Calais route and then in late 1972 he joined P&O.


click to enlarge

Courtesy of Tim Clements

He worked as a barman on the following ships:

1972-1979 Arcadia 

1979-1983 Sea Princess 

1983-1984 Uganda 

1984-1986 Oriana

That's Les on the right and Allun Davies on the left.


click to enalrge

Courtesy of Tim Clements

Again that's Les on the right and John (The Duchess) Sumner on the left but we don't the name of the lady in the middle.


click to enalrge

Courtesy of Tim Clements

Here's Les being awarded a Winner's Cup for a Darts competition by Capt Tony Dallas, Martin (Doris) Norris is in the Red Jacket and Paul (Boots) Robinson behind Martin.


click to enalrge

Courtesy of Tim Clements

Here's Les ashore with his mates in some exotic location being conned by a local snake charmer.


click to enalrge

Courtesy of Tim Clements

Here's Les being presented with a gift from Captain Steve Townsend. We know it was on Oriana but we don't know what the presentation was for. It's maybe when he left the sea and retired in 1986. 


Courtesy of Tim Clements

Cheers back at you Les!


He retired to Norfolk in 1986 and became an active member of the Royal British Legion and Burma Star Association. He continued his great love of sports playing tennis and squash into his early seventies. In 1998 he suffered a stroke and since then lived in nursing homes in Norfolk and London. After a deterioration in his health he died in London on 9 July 2007. Up until his stroke he maintained contact with many former colleagues from P&O.


A fund-raising site supporting The Stroke Association has been set up in the memory of Les. Seadogs are welcome to contribute if they so wish by visiting this link:


There's more photos of Les in the Sea Princess groups section here.


Les has been added to the Seadogs Departed section here.


Tim, sister Jude and brother Pete have been very touched by various messages received from former shipmates and they would be pleased to receive mail from anybody else who knew Les


Tim's email address is


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Les Diffey (Deceased)

Les was a really good bloke and we're all deeply saddened by the recent news of his passing. This was Les and me running the Oriana Wardroom Bar on my last voyage hence our glum faces.


This is one of those special professional jobbies taken by the ship’s photographer. That’s me, Les and Speedy.


Here’s Les on the right next to Groucho but I’m not sure who the other dude is with the hat and goggles. Who is it Geoff?


There’s more photos of Les here, here, here, here


Click here to go to Les' Memories.


Click here to Les' tribute in the Seadogs Departed section.


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Les Harris

Les was an Engineer on ORIANA between 1969-1973.


Les recalls;
One of my memorable exploits during my time on Oriana was in Auckland. We were tied up near an ANZ ship and were invited over for drinks, the officers took us down to the crew decks where we were entertained by the Fijian crew. They gave us drinks and sang some of their traditional songs and later offered us the opportunity to entertain them.

I was put forward to start the proceedings and started by singing the "music man" accompanied by traditional Fijian instruments i.e. two sticks which I banged together in time with the song. To our amazement the crew loved it and as a gesture they wrapped me up in a Tapa cloth which was made from hammered tree bark and measured 14 foot by 7 foot and carried me back to the Oriana. I still have the cloth to this day and shall never get rid of it as it holds such fantastic memories of the wonderful Fijians. Happy memories hey.

Does Steve Wedd remember Caracas? I was with Steve and some others and we wanted to visit the mountain via the cable car, we asked some people for directions who were coming out of the TV studio at the time and they offered to take us up the mountain and show us around. We had a fantastic day and when we asked if we could repay them they said just give us a cigarette each and sign your names on them. How kind can people be?

Does anyone know of the whereabouts of Brian Jessop E.L.O. 1969-1972 from Bentham, Yorkshire?


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I am still working as electrician at Salford Royal Hospital and have been there for nine years and I love the job. I have been married to Margaret for 33 years and have one daughter Deborah and two Grandchildren Hannah and Samuel. I still live in my home town of Leigh in Lancashire and I have been an Artist since my time on the Oriana and now paint in watercolour and have sold almost 2000 original paintings but as I don't paint as many pictures now. I have had 20 different paintings printed as limited editions of 300 each which have gone well. My other hobbies are walking (mainly the Lakes) and bird watching.


There's another photo of Les here and the photo the one above was cut from here. Les is also in some groups shots he sent in here.


Les' email address is


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Linda Worrow (now Bentley)

Linda (Canadian) was a JAP/AP for 8 years from 1992 to 2000. She has great memories on the Sky and Island Princess. This photo was cut from the Sky Princess Wardroom group here.


Linda writes;

I was on the Sky three times as a WAP. I was the only Canadian WAP at the time and it was in 1993, 1994 and 2000.


Here's Linda today with her lovely family.


Josie (Cat), Darian, Linda, Scott, Nicholas and Bandit (Dog)


Linda's email address is 


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Linda Tattershall (aka Lovelace)

I apologise for the seriously bad quality of this photo but Linda found herself in a group photo in Oriana Groups called Pursers 1974 so until she sends me a better one I've copied her from that shot for the time being.


Linda's P&O nickname "Lovelace" was for no other reason other than her name is Linda she hastens to add :)


Linda adds;

I did my "makey-learny" on Nevasa I think it was around 1973? I think I may know John Speed who possibly sailed on Sun Princess? I was one of a lucky few recruited in a P&O intake which was the first and last time they ever provided a 6 month 'training course' for JWAPS! That's how I met Sheena Cassell. Some of the other girls in that group were Katie Shallcross and Marilyn Matthews. Sheena would probably remember some more names. I think there were 6 or 8 of us. Part of our "training" was a 2 week cruise as super-numeries on Nevasa. Basically we didn't have a whole lot to do except cause trouble and have a good time! I sailed mainly on Oriana but also on the Island Princess and Pacific Princess and briefly on the (Spirit of London) Sun Princess. I'd only ever done "cruising" and finally managed to get myself on board Oriana for a line voyage to Australia 1975/76? In Sydney, I jumped ship with the Bridge Seaman Steve Flint (bit of a no-no fraternising with the crew!) and that is how I ended up spending the best part of my life living in Sydney. Steve also still lives here. We're no longer together but still mates! Ironically, my partner is another ex seaman/deckhand, Peter Eliassen who once sailed on cargo ships (briefly with P&O on Oronsay I think). Must be something about sailors?!


Linda's current email address is unknown.


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Lisa Connell (now Betteridge)(Deceased)

Lisa worked for P&O as Entertainments Officer from 1973-1980. Mainly Arcadia, but also Himalaya, Canberra, Uganda, Orsova (final voyage) & Oriana. She was originally from Doncaster (not a million miles from Scunthorpe!) and now living in Surrey. 

Lisa recalls;

Definitely wonderful years and I would love to hear from "old" shipmates. I'm now married with 3 children, but haven't lost my love of the sea or desire to travel.


There's more of Lisa here,


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Lisa Ward Wilmott


No photo yet!


Lisa writes;

I worked on Island Princess, Pacific Princess, Royal Princess and Sun Princess as a Casino Cashier from 1985-1989. I now live in California with my husband Colin (from Carnoustie, Scotland) and two children.


Lisa's email address is


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Logie Buchan

Courtesy of Richard Reubin

Logie Buchan frets about the fuel oil viscosity coefficient.


There's more of Logie starting here.


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Lauraine Mulberry

Lauraine was in the Bureau with P&O from 1974-1990. Her first ship was Himalaya. I hope more information will follow. 


There's lots more of Lauraine starting here.


Lauraine sent in 15 great large group photos which I've placed in Lauraine's Memories.


Lauraine's email address is


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Lyn Thompson

Lyn was a WAP on various P&O ships and has kindly sent in 2 new Arcadia Groups photos, a new Canberra Group and a new Oronsay Group.


There's more of Lyn starting here.


Lyn's email address is


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Lynn Hurlstone (now Hart)

Lynn was a  WAP from 1981 to 1987 - onboard ss Oriana, Sea Princess and the Royal. 

Lynn writes;
The photo above with Alistair McCallum nicknamed ‘The Beast’ (right) and Dave Traynor (left) was taken on the Oriana about 1982.. below decks pour out.. The two of them made me laugh soooo much! Happy memories.

There's more photos of Lynn starting here.


Lynn's email address is


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