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Greg Sinclair's Memories



Norm Geehan, Greg Sinclair and Doug Haigh.



Chris Cook, Fred Hall, Bob Warwick and Derek Corke.


Here’s Greg in a very familiar position … Oriana Port Engine Ahead Steam Valve. It was taken in the very early 70’s.


Above is a photo that Doug Haigh had when Greg visited him again last month (July 2006). Greg had never seen it before. There’s Greg on the left with Dave Collins. It was taken at Christmas 1970 in the most forward Engineer’s corridor on Oriana occupied by ‘Fridgies’ & the Boilermaker in those days.


This is a very familiar scene. A cabin bonding session in full swing. There’s Greg on the far right enjoying a frosty slopps otherwise known as Allsopps Lager. A finer brew found nowhere else on the planet. I actually managed to buy a case in a grog shop here in Perth some years ago. None to be found now though. That’s Roger Villiers 2nd from the right who was going out with Julia Rymer a WAP on Nevasa with me.


Greg has supplied the names of all the above group



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Greg writes;

Me arriving for the first time in Sydney in September 1970. My Mum declared a public holiday.


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Me with Opera House under construction behind. 


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Oriana Leaving Sydney in September 1970. Me waving with Steve Wedd beside me.


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Oriana Leaving Sydney in September 1970.


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Me in front of the Rock of Gibraltar. Some time around September 1971.


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This great shot of the original Queen Elizabeth was taken in Fort Lauderdale in 1971. She was berthed there just before being taken to Hong Kong harbour where she promptly sank.


This one includes the back of John Harlow. John was an Electrician on Oriana.


Greg has sent in a great snip of movie footage of Oriana sailing into Sydney Harbour. Not sure of the year but she's painted in her Buff Orient Line colours. Check it out here,


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Greg recalls;

This is me in Sydney on my first trip home with some of my family – Brother Neil, friend Geoff, Grandfather, Dad, Sister Pam and Mum’s sister. Mum took the photo.


What a great photo of a very proud moment for you Greg, sister Pam's pretty cute! Greg's Mum also kept newspaper clippings about Oriana which you can see if you click on the adobe icon.



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