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1964 First Class Race Meeting

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Courtesy of Julian Hustwitt


Julian Hustwitt (AP), Tony Burley (SAP), ?? (Social Hostess), John Smith (AP), Keith Jones (RO).


Thanks to Mike Hawkesworth for naming Keith Jones.


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Iberia Engineers 1970/71

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Courtesy of Peter Pallas

Peter believes this was taken in 1970 or 1971 and shows all the Engineers other than the watch-keepers of course. He also believes it may have been the only time that the Chief managed to get everyone to attend Captains Cocktails. He wishes he could remember more names but below is the best he can do at present.

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??, Lyndon Munroe (3rd Eng), Mike Santi (1st VO), John McLeod (Chief Eng), Stan Crowe (2nd Eng), Roger Davies? (EO), John Rea (4th Eng), Eric McGuffie (VO).


Peter Pallas (Deceased), ??, Tommy Officer (4th Eng), Geoff Hilman (4th Eng), Keith Wildman (ELO), Jack Cheetham (1st EO), Dave Bloomer (3rd Eng), Danny Lloyd (Boilermaker)


Geoff Burrell, ??, Dave Parker, Chris Smith (Deceased).


Extra names have been kindly supplied by Ken Worsfold and hes fairly sure it was taken in the first half on 1971. Thanks Ken.


Barry Chilton remembers that Keith Wildman was an amateur wrestler before joining P&O and hailed from Yorkshire. He always wore the largest bow tie in the fleet. Thanks Barry.


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