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Spirit of London Official 1972

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Courtesy of Martin Mullen & Peter Pallas

I would also like to thanks Peter Pallas, Sean Sergent & Peter Chester for their work in coming up with the following names;

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Stuart Bennett, ??, Sean Sergent, ?? , ??, Brian Langston-Carter, ??, Christine Dorell, ??, Peter Pallas, Peter Sara, Kevin ?


Diane Ridsdale, Peter Chester, Gordon Dickens , John May, Lou Manzi, Martin Reed, David Philips, Keith Wood, Allison Ross, Tom Beck, John Hill, Martin Mullen, Roy Calvert, Mike Pontz, Lorraine Evers.


Mike Miles, Stuart Flemming, Willie Dempster, Dickie Clark, Maurice Marriott, Gerry McGowan (Deceased), Ian Gibb, Dickie Martin, Mick Baxter, John Pace, Brian Firth.


There's a video of Spirit of London featuring Brian Langston-Carter here.


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