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A Sydney Dance Night

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Courtesy of Ralph Taylor

Ralph writes;

A riotous night on the Stratheden! A Sydney dance I expect. I am on the extreme left and no that is not the lady who became my wife!! Next at the rear is Dr Tom Cochrane, and next to him is Jimmy Screech 2nd Eng. The others are a Super 2nd and Boilermaker whose names escape me. The ladies, well just passengers who became good friends who were "wheeled in"!!


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Bureau Staff 1952

Courtesy of Neil (Bob) Whitmore

Neil writes;

Taken in September 1952 of some of the bureau staff on ss Stratheden. In the background is Assistant Purser John Culmer with me, trainee Writer then, and on the front line from right to left is Alan Scott, I think the next is Jane Sandy, Vera Hannah who married Alan Scott and not sure of the last one on the left.


I think Alan and Vera went to South Africa after they were married as Alan came from there..


John Culmer having been Deputy Purser on several of the company ships changed departments and worked as an Entertainments officer for P & O. He passed away about 1991.


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