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Captain Ian Walters' Memories

1972 - Crossing the Line.


Ian Walters (Deck Cadet), Gill Angrave (SAP), Paddy Clare (V/O), Malcolm Graves (3/Off – in oilskins).


1972 - Crossing the Line.


Ian Walters (Deck Cadet), ?? (Deck Boy), Paddy Clare (V/O), Nick Carlton (Deck Cadet – now Captain with Princess).


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1972 - Oriana Cadets.


Peter Thornthwaite (now a computer programmer for a Charity in Kent), Dick Regan (now lives in Western Australia and is a senior manager with the fast catamaran builders), Ian Walters (Captain of Arcadia), Nick Carlton (Captain on Sapphire Princess), Bob Gurney (became Captain with OCL, since retired), Paul Dilks (now Chief Officer on UK Ferries).


1972 - Oriana Cadets Table.

L-R Back:

Ian Walters, Paul Dilks, Bob Gurney. 

L-R Front:

Nick Carlton, Dick Regan, Peter Thornthwaite.


1974 - Crossing the Line, Bears, Police and Sailor.


Chris Cowell (2/Off), Andy Bishop (Deck Cadet), Paul Debnam (3/Off), John ?, ? Thorpe (3R/O), David Gilmon (1/R/O).


1974 - Crossing the Line, Cavs …

L-R Standing:

Vince Bellam (AP), Mike Cavanagh (Chief Officer), Nigel Curry (3/Off)


1974 - Crossing the Line, King . .


Queenie was an Engineer or perhaps Leckie, King was Mike Bechley (First Officer), Captain is John Wacher.


1974 - Crossing the Line, Police and Bears.


Andy Bishop (Deck Cadet), Paul Debnam (3/Off), John Thorpe (3 R/O), Vince Bellam (AP), Mike Cavanagh (Chief Off), Nigel Curry (3/Off).


1974 - Midships Bar.


Pax, Nick Birchenough (Brother of John, who was a Third Officer), 2 pax, Ian Walters (Deck Cadet), Pax, ?? (WAP), Paul Debnam (3/Off), Pax, Nigel Curry (3/Off), Pax, Les Diffey (A/Eng), Pax (looks like Pat, Les' wife to be), Vince Bellam (AP).


1974 - Third Officer Ian Walters at Captain's Cocktail Party.


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Jenny (Pax), Paul Debnam (3Off), Cathy (Pax), Ian Walters (3Off).


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1975 - Circular Quay.


Paul Debnam (3Off), Julie (Pax), Ian Walters (3Off), Cathy (Pax). 


1976 - Mike and Wendy Cavaghan on their wedding day.


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1977 - 12 to 4.

You already have this one of a session after watch in the wee small hours. 


1977 - Jane Griffiths (WAP) and Mark Bull (3Off).

Jane was a WAP who left in 1978 and married me in 1981, but sadly died in 1984. Mark is now the Loss Manager for a P&O Club.


1977 - Peter Harris (2Off) and Barbara Sampeys (Deck Cadet) in Vancouver.

Peter is Captain with Holland America Line and Barbara became Mrs Campbell, but remained at sea and is now Captain of the sail training vessel, Tenacious. She won a Merchant Navy Medal in Nov 2007 for services to sea training.


1978 - Bridge visit given by Ian Walters (2Off).


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1978 - Howie, Greg and Ian.


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Viv Scarr, Hugh Leslie (SAP), Barbara Murkitt, Kermit (3Off).


1978 - Bob Pinchen 3Off at Oriana's wheel.

Last I heard he was on the ferries, but if anyone knows exactly where please ask him to give me a call – be good to catch up.


1978 - Cadets Paddy Matthews and perhaps Mark Phillips.

Paddy is now a pilot in Lyttelton, NZ. Still as laid back as ever and great company. He brought in Arcadia during her 2010 World Cruise whilst I was there as Captain.


1978 - Dave Galloway (Cadet) and Mark Bull (3Off) at Mark's farewell party.


1978 - Dave Pembridge (3Off).

Now the Captain of Aurora.


1978 - Ian Walters (2Off).


1978 - Ian Walters (2Off) and Shaun Beal (3Off) on Oriana's Bridge.

Shaun is now Captain of a cable layer.


1978 - Ron Wilson (3Off) and Chris Rynd (3Off).

Ron is Staff Captain in Princess and Christopher is Captain of Queen Victoria for Cunard.


1978 - The Arcadia Bell Mob.

L-R Back:

Ron Wilson (3/Off), Peter Harris (2/Off), Mike Gold (1/Off), Martin Reed (Ch/Off).

L-R Front:

Stuart Greenfield (Deck Cadet), Bridge Seamen (x2), Richard Evenhand (Deck Cadet), Ben Gunn (Deck Cadet) and Bill Kent (Deck Cadet).


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Ian Walters (2Off), Bob Pinchen (3Off), Pax, Pax, Pax.


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1979 - Paddy Matthews (3Off) on St Patrick's Day.


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1979 - Sue Coxon, Nodes Levity lead singer and Ian Walters 2Off.


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1979 - Ian Walters (2Off) in standard 70's uniform.


1979 - Team Outing Barbados, Arfer’s Bar.


Pax, Paddy Matthews (3/Off), Ian Walters (2/Off), Helen Hawkett (Ship’s Accountant).


1979 - Team Outing Dominica.


Pax, Paddy Matthews (3/Off), Helen Hawkett (Ship’s Accountant).

On the deck:

Bob Pinchen (3/Off).


1979 - Team Outing Dominica. Same people as above.


1979 - Team Outing at North Cape.

L-R Pursers Team:

Rosemarie ? (WAP), Anne Arrowsmith (WAP), Anjie ? (WAP).


Hugh Leslie (SAP or, perhaps, DP Admin by then).


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