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Kevin Timmís Memories

Hereís the memories of Kevin Timms, Assistant Electrical Officer on SS Oriana in 1975. Kevin also took Super 8 movies at the time and has produced a brilliant DVD of those movies. For the sake of space and bandwidth Iíve condensed the material to just the people in them and posted it here.


Above is Kevin Timms, a nicer bloke youíre never likely to meet. Thatís Kevin photographing himself in the mirror. He was obviously on call that night as the phoneís plugged in.


The following photos have my comments underneath but if I donít know anything about the shot Iíll just put the name of the photo as supplied by Kevin.


Mick - Dockyard


This is Steve B on Antigua Beach and thatís Les Diffey sitting on the sand and next to him is the head of Dirty Harry I think.


This is Kevin on the left with Roy Arnold in Istanbul.


That looks like Bob Chambers under the Prop from the Queen Mary in Los Angeles.


Above is Kevin with a girlfriend and Andy Jackson stretched out enjoying the Sun on Waikiki Beach, Honolulu.


Same beach with Andy Jackson and Mick Everson on the right.


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Great shot this Ö


Charlie Oxley, Bob Chambers, Mark Sawyer, Mick Everson and Geordie John Atkinson unpacking under Mark.


Mark Sawyer is looking very tired or slightly wounded on the left, Mick Everson has also got his eyes closed while Geordie John Atkinson is trying to read the can I think.


A very young, fit and handsome Andy Jackson.


Mark Sawyer and Dave Oakes sampling the delights of the revered Allsopps, fondly known as ĎSlopsí.


Mark Sawyer has got those tired eyes again and is that maybe a joint Oakesyís smokiní?


Thatís Dave Oakes standing to attention on the right with two Boiler Room Firemen.



Geoff Groucho Heap, Dave Oakes and neither Kevin or I know the name of the guy on the right.


Thatís Steve Musson laying under the Generator and Kevin with the headband.


Steve Musson again next to Abdul and again weíre not sure of the guy on the right.


Kevin with Abdul


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Great shot of the Oriana Leckyís 1975 Ö

L-R Back:       

John McMullen, Mark Sawyer, Charles Oxley, Mick Everson.


Kevin Timms, John Atkinson, Roy Arnold, Andy Jackson.


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I have this same photo posted in Oriana Groups

L-R Stood:

Bruce Waller, Toby Tompkins, Steve B, Charles Oxley, Canít make out, Bert McAughtrie, Glyn Dodsonís Eye, John Russell, Jon Milner, Jack Ormiston, John McMullen, Mike Jack, Dave Oakes, Sheldon Ainsworth.


Garry Stewart, Mark Sawyer.


John Atkinson, Roy Arnold, Brian Firth, Kevin Timms.


Jungle Jim Powell.


Entering a Fjord Between Hellesylt And Merok.


Further in.



It just get better doesnít it.


Made it to Merok


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Norway is just spectacular country.


Thatís Kim ? standing next to the famous Mermaid on the Rock in Copenhagen.


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This is a great shot of the lads, trust Dirty Harry to have the huge Vodka bottle, I reckon heís one of the few people Iíve ever known who could have actually drunk that bottle in one session.


Brian Love, Toby Tompkins, Bob Chambers, Mick Everson, John Atkinson, Bert McAughtrie, Harry Adamson, Garry Stewart, Mark Sawyer, Kevin Timms, Chris Hall.


Charlie Oxley & Mick Everson


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Dave Oakes, Mark Sawyer, ??, Kevin Timms, John Atkinson, Andy Jackson, Alan Conlin, Andy Ball. No idea who Santa was.


Geordie John Atkinson always wanted to be a Chopper Pilot Ö

Post Note; That's what VJs used to, and should, look like :-)


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Now thatís a very dodgy group of Dying Swans Ö


Mark Sawyer, Geoff Heap, Kevin Timms, Dave Whitehand, and I think the guy bowing at the front is Bunny Warren.


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Wow, what a great pair of legs. Shirley Golby was a professional entertainer. I donít recognise any of the other girls.


Kevin with a friend.


Kevin with another friend.


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Most of you will recognise this scene Ö not from this particular trip but one very like it. A lifeboat trip to a deserted Island for a BBQ & Beer with a little sport thrown in.


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Iím not even going to try and name this lot.


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On the left is the beautiful Betty Leong sitting with the bombshell Charlotte, both Jokers Seven girls.



Mike Jack, Shirley Golby, Mark Sawyer.


Take Two. Mike trying to shoot himself. Not sure who the Blonde in the background is but sheís my kind of girl Ö sculling a VB with a fag in the other hand :)

Thatís Geordie John Atkinson displaying the finger in the bushes, Mike Jackís back and I know the lovely lady in yellow but unfortunately canít remember her name. Iím sure someone will.


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Thatís Steve B on the far left in the cut down Levis.


Thatís Shirley Golby on the left with Annette, is that Annette George by any chance?


Kevin enjoying the attention Ö who wouldnít.


A couple of good mates sharing a towel whoíre still in touch with each other regularly 30 years later. Mark Sawyer and Geordie John Atkinson.


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Panic sets in as the storm clouds are a brewiní and we decide itís time to bugout. The guy with the chefís hat on is the brilliant human being Captain Philip Jackson.


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Good to see Mark Sawyer rescuing the really important stuff Ö BEER!


Geordie John Atkinson obviously had a BIG day and doesnít remember the trip home.


One other time that Geordie John Atkinson succumbed to the pleasures of the piss and suffered the obligatory Pass Out Pranks :)


This is the sort of thing that only Blackfoot would think up. Davie Whitehand is here fishing in the swimming pool in the pouring rain Ö mad as a cut snake!


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Crossing the Line 1975.


Ginger Jon Milner Ö. thatís not a wig folks itís the real deal :)


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The ceremony continues Ö


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continues Ö


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The gentleman on the far left is Captain John F. Wacher.


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Thatís Geoff Groucho Heap being dealt with on the slab.


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There he goes Ö


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Thatís where he finished up Ö


Now you may be wondering why Groucho is looking so pensive (the figure in the background intrigues me Ö


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Now you know why Groucho looked so pensive Ö he disappears into the pool for a second and the Captain pinches his girl.


Now I can hardly believe this shot Ö Paul Robinson (Blue) with the best looking sidies Iíve ever seen.


Mick Everson on the left and Geordie John Atkinson canít believe Paul's sidies either !


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