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Lyn Thompson's Memories

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Oriana August 1976.

David Bruck (SAP).

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Uganda October 1975 in Santorini.

Lyn Thompson (WAP) and Annie Olsson (SWAP).  


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Arcadia 1973. 

L-R Standing:

?? (Children's Hostess), David Collins (SAP), ?? (Steiners), Tom Prince (Writer), David Bruck (Asst Accom Super), ??, ?? (Parents). 


Steve Morton-Smith (AP), John McMurray (AP)  


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Uganda 1977.

Publicity shot for brochure. David Bruck (DP), Dennis Rogers (Chef) and Pat Walsh (Head Waiter).


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Uganda 1975.

Santorini, David Bruck (SAP) and Nicky Molson (Nursing Sister).


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Uganda 1974 or 1975.

Officers Show.


??, Ian Tomkins (Staff Captain now Deceased), ??, ??, David Bruck (AP), ??, Brent van der Westhuysen (Surgeon).


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Uganda 1974.


David Turner and a Passenger. 


Christine Stewart (Matron), Chris ?, Gary Davies (AP), David Bruck (AP).


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Oronsay 1969 or 1970 Pursers.


??, David Bruck (Writer), ??, ??, Graham Tebby (Writer), Len Martin (Writer), Sue Armstrong (WAP), ??, ??, ??, John Cardnell (AP), Jose Dirks (WAP), Clive Melsom (AP), Mike Hawkesworth (SAP).


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Oriana Pursers 1976.

L-R Back:

??, Tim Timmins (DP Accom), Simon West, Alan Hale (Purser), Eric Speekenbrink (AP), Helen Hawkett (Accountant), Nigel Horne (AP), Robin Stone (DP Admin), Pete Brady (AP), David Bruck (SAP), Peter Joss. 


Sue Jones, ??, Theresa Conway, ??, Sue Turner, ??, ??. 


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