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Seadogs Departed

The song playing is "Abide With Me" written by Scottish Anglican Henry Francis Lyte and sung to English composer William Henry Monk's tune "Eventide." Lyte wrote the poem in 1847 while he lay dying from tuberculosis; he survived only a further three weeks after its completion. This haunting rendition is sung by Emeli Sande, listen to the end to hear the heartbeat stop. If you would like to read the words while you listen click here.

It's significance for this section is in the aftermath of the sinking of RMS Titanic, survivors reported that this was the last song they heard the Titanic's band play as the ship went down.

Lest We Forget ... "We will remember them."



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Note: If someone is named above with no link to another place it's because that person wasn't listed on this site prior to the news of their passing and therefore there's no photo or information to link to.


















































In Memory of Peter Pallas 

Born … 30th March 1948

Died … 1st August 2006


Peter found the Seadogs site and first emailed me on 22nd October 2005 and then Dave Harbinson sent me this email the very next day;

I was contacted yesterday, by an old shipmate Peter Pallas (don't think you would know him) ex Sun Princess. He said he got my address off a P&O related website (yours I guess) turns out he is in Seattle and we are going to be based there next summer, so looking forward to meeting up with him.


I added Peter’s section on the 29th December 2005.


I received this information on the 20th April 2006;

Subject: Peter Pallas Update April 20th

Peter commenced chemo three weeks ago Monday.  He was supposed to have the second treatment a week later, but they had to hold off for seven days to boost Peter's white blood cell count. That was done and he resumed the chemo treatment Monday. He has encountered the normal side effects associated with chemo treatment, like nausea, and it's not easy. He also still struggles to keep his pain level tolerable with good days and bad days. He did spend Easter at home with the family and they had a meal prepared from their new kitchen. The doctors will assess the chemo's affect in a few weeks to determine Peter's progress. For those of you who pray, Peter still needs your prayers for comfort and healing. He has greatly appreciated all of the support, prayers and encouragement received. I will send out an update when there is any news of note.


On the 30th April 2006 I received this email from Ian Settle;


I may not have sailed with Pete but I, and believe everyone, would like to wish him a speedy recovery.


Ian Settle


I received this information on 9th June 2006;

Subject: Peter Pallas update June 9th

Peter had another CAT scan last week and the primary results that came back were said to be "great." It showed no advancement in four of  the previous areas of concern and a marked shrinkage in the one area that had not shown progress the last time. Therefore the doctors were satisfied with the chemo cocktail they had prescribed and continued with that treatment last Tuesday. The CAT scan also showed some "cloudy bits" in his lungs that will require further watching.  Peter has had his ups and downs but reports now more ups than downs with some good periods. This has improved his spirits. Yesterday, Peter had a spike in his temperature and he apparently now has pneumonia. It is not serious enough to warrant a hospital stay, but they have stopped his chemo treatment for now and are treating him with antibiotics for the pneumonia. Today, Peter's temperature was back to normal. Peter and family are very grateful for those who are still thinking about and praying for him (them). The power of prayer has been instrumental in his continued, albeit slow, progress. Peter has indicated that he actually feels a physical boost shortly after these requests have gone out even though he doesn't necessarily know when I am going to send them out. For those of you that are praying for him, the prayer request now is for complete healing of the pneumonia and continued positive progress with the cancer treatment.


Then this bad news arrived on the 3rd July 2006;

Subject: Peter Pallas Update July 3rd

Peter went to the doctor last Thursday to review the results of the CAT scan that he had on Tuesday. The results of the CAT scan were not favorable and showed that the cancer has spread. Peter's choices are not especially great. Intravenous chemotherapy at this stage is so potent as to be possibly fatal. The chances of a favorable response to that treatment is now remote and the side affects would likely be disabling. Therefore, his short term decision is to do those things that will give him some strength and allow him to enjoy a modicum of a life standard that he has not had since beginning this adventure late last year. He would like to get strong enough to be able to see a few people in the coming weeks and to go visit his parents in the UK. You may not know that his Mother has been seriously ill since October. This is his target, and having a focus is important. His oncologist thinks this is a doable course of action and is working toward this goal. Repeating a bit of the previous message, Peter still needs prayer and thoughts for strength, comfort, peace, wisdom, and healing. Strength, both physical and mental, to cope with the many challenges; Comfort for the many discomforting issues his body is facing; Peace for the mental strain he faces on a wide range of fronts; Wisdom to make the right choices; and Healing of body, mind and spirit. Your continued prayers and thoughts are appreciated as are cards, notes, and letters. Gerry Sue reports that: "Peter strongly continues to believe in the power of prayer and that a miraculous healing is still a real possibility."  As has also been mentioned before: "if we do not ask we will not receive."  So, he and his Family are asking.


Following is a letter from Gerry Sue (Peter’s wife) and Peter and is self-explanatory.

Once again Peter and I want to thank everyone for the prayers, cards, emails, phone calls and visits. Without these daily reminders it would be so easy to become overwhelmed with where we are. Also the networking that is taking place is truly amazing, people have made contact through a huge secondary communication system. It’s awesome. We haven’t asked David to send out an update in a while for a variety of reasons. Primarily because our doctors couldn’t totally agree where Peter’s problems actually were and how he was really progressing. One was very optimistic, the ‘Let’s get you to the UK & then hit the chemo again’, and the other one was more realistic with ‘I’m making you an appointment with Hospice.’ Peter will not be going to the UK, it is totally and completely out of the question in his physical state. On July 16th Peter's father and cousin were able to come across for a week here in Seattle. Peter’s mother was placed in a board and care facility to make this possible. It was really an intense and emotional week with a number of friends flying in to have a chat, give a hug, and take a picture. These have all been precious and bitter sweet moments and so appreciated. Unless God provides a miracle fairly shortly Peter’s condition will continue to deteriorate to the point where his body will just shut down. It’s certainly not the outcome we had asked for, but we are taking all the necessary steps for that eventuality. He will no longer take any chemo or medication to stop the advance of the cancer. All his meds, and there is a long page of them, are comfort care to manage his pain and the effects of the chemotherapy. He has signed up for Hospice care here at home with weekly visits to his GP whose office is only five minutes away. We’ve made plans for cremation and his ashes to be scattered in Puget Sound and a memorial service to take place at a dear friend’s church in Mount Lake Terrace. We are gratefully for the family and friends the Lord has placed in our lives, who have helped us face a horrible disease and an even more horrible medical treatment. We are also grateful for the aid and help offered by ISS. The company has provided Peter with enormous amounts of support. They have taken care of each and every problem and concern. This does not mean we do not believe that a miracle is still possible. We know it is, we are still asking for prayer to that end.

We love you all,

Peter and Gerry Sue

William and James



Finally, the worst news possible arrived today;


Subject: Peter Pallas' Passing

Date: Tue, 1 Aug 2006

It is with deep sadness and heavy hearts that we announce the passing of our friend and colleague Peter Pallas. Peter passed away shortly after noon today at Northwest Hospital in Seattle. His wife, two sons and his cousin from New Zealand were there with Peter at the time. A more formal announcement will be forthcoming. Final arrangements are pending. Details will be provided when known.


"I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith:" (2 Timothy 4:7)


Click here for Inchcape Shipping’s official announcement.


Our sincerest condolences go to Gerry Sue, William and James and all Peter’s family and friends.


Rest in Peace fellow Seadog



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In Memory of Alan Newby 

Born … 28th Aug 1948

Died … 27th Sep 2006


Terry Bartholomew posted this message on the 30th September 2006; 

It is with great regret that I have to announce that Alan died suddenly. His wife has just phoned me and asked me to pass on the word. At the moment I have no details as she was obviously very distressed. As soon as I know any more I shall post it. Alan leaves a wife Nadine, a son Simon and a daughter Fiona. Alan sailed on many of the P&O and BI ships. 


Terry has been advised by Nadine that Alan died of a Heart Attack.


Rest in Peace fellow Seadog



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In Memory of Bernie O'Dell 

Born … ?

Died … ?


John Barclay believes Bernie died as a result of a motor bike accident.


Rest in Peace fellow Seadog



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In Memory of Bob Stewart

Born … ?

Died … ?


No details at present.


Rest in Peace fellow Seadog



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In Memory of Cam Fortune

Born … ?

Died … ?


No details at present.


Rest in Peace fellow Seadog



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In Memory of Dave Crowder

Born … ?

Died … ?


No details at present.


Rest in Peace fellow Seadog



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In Memory of Dave Turner

Born … 10th October 1938

Died … ?


No details at present.


Rest in Peace fellow Seadog



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In Memory of Dick Stone

Born … ?

Died … ?


No details about Dick at present.


Rest in Peace fellow Seadog



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In Memory of Don Hallam

Born … 8th April 1952

Died … 29th June 2004


I received this lovely email from Don’s widow on the 22nd Oct 2006, 

Donald was born in Aberdeen, Scotland on 8/4/52 and died 29/6/2004, age 52. He fought a brave battle against lung cancer for 18 months. He is survived by myself and his twin daughters, Kate and Jenny. He would have had immense pleasure in looking through the site but alas it was not to be.


I have had a great deal of pleasure browsing through the site and reading all about people that I met on ships via my brother John Thow and Donald.


I have a picture of Oronsay departing Southampton in 1975 to go to scrap, a very sad sight. I went down to Soton especially to see her leave. Jon Harvie and I stood on the quayside with tears in our eyes as she sailed. Such was the effect she had on me when I used to travel from London, when I was working there, to visit John every weekend when she was in dry dock. Donald and I met on board her as she was Oz bound. He scrounged a packet of fags from me on out first meeting. We married 8 years later.


I have just returned yesterday from being on holiday on the new Arcadia, which I joined in Southampton and managed to catch up with ‘The Harve’ before I sailed. We have been in touch with each other since he learned of Donald’s death, after a gap of thirty years, via the site. It has been a great source of comfort to the girls and I. Thank you for all your efforts in keeping the info updated.


Receiving such emails makes the labour of this site all worthwhile.


Rest in Peace fellow Seadog



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In Memory of Duncan Kilgour

Born … ?

Died … ?


A recent Net search of mine came up with a Duncan Kilgour named in a few forum posts on the "Ships Nostalgia" website to do with OCL Box Boats. I joined the site to be able to email the people who'd named him and posted a question about Duncan in the forum. A member nicknamed "wharferat" replied with this information;

Your information was correct. It was a Bay boat, I can't remember which one. You might find out more in one of the OCL Box Boat threads.


I also got this email reply from Liam McLaughlin;  

I sailed with Duncan about 3 times, all on steam containerships. It was in OCL/P&OCL that I met him. I've seen reference to him dying on a couple of websites. He was truly unique. Great engineer, great shipmate and a good friend. The last time I saw him was on a welding course in South Shields in 1990. I remember on one occasion in Jeddah with him, where the bond was closed and no alcohol available. Duncan had a party in his cabin with tea and cucumber sandwiches, absolutely unforgettable. I was very saddened to hear of his death, it's one of the wonders of the internet that we can learn of such things so remotely. You could dedicate a whole website to his activities and eccentricities. I would be interested in keeping up to date with anything else you learn on him.


Another member of the "Ships Nostalgia" website, called "Duncan112", has confirmed Duncan died of a heart attack while Chief Engineer of the ship "Flinders Bay" circa 1996.


Rest in Peace fellow Seadog



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In Memory of Ken Willey

Born … 1st October 1958

Died … 1996


Sally Bell (now Byrne) remembers the following;

Ken Willey was born in 1958 and died about 12 years ago now (I know he was still only in his 30’s). I received a letter from his girlfriend/partner at the time telling me that he had died of a heart attack whilst playing rugby. I went to his funeral in Market Rasen, which was very moving but as I had only sailed with him on ss Uganda in 1984 and most of his P&O mates at the funeral were from Canberra I didn’t know or recognise any faces to make myself known. Ken was a lovely, lovely man. We were never romantically involved but we were extremely good mates and he came to stay with me in Bedford and I visited him a couple of times in Market Rasen when we were both still at sea.


Thanks for the information Sally


Rest in Peace fellow Seadog



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In Memory of Nick Morrow

Born … 10th December 1927

Died … ?


No details at present.


Rest in Peace fellow Seadog



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In Memory of Paddy Clare

Born … 20 Jun 1943

Died … 19 Mar 1994


Kit Williams sent the following information;

I was in London when Paddy Clare died. Frank Zaniewski and I spent a lot of time at St. Thomas' in the Dreadnought Ward and then, once Paddy moved to that lovely hospice (I think it is Trinity Hospice) on Clapham Common, he went very quickly. I visited him the afternoon the day before he died. Paddy's brother Mike and his lovely wife, Rose (may she also rest in peace), took such good care of Paddy in his last months.

Paddy had a brain tumour although I am not sure technically if it was brain cancer or if the earlier cancer in his throat had metastasized and gone to the brain. Whatever the technicality, he died from cancer. It was late March of 1994.  He was born on June 20th in either 1941 or '42.

I believe the cemetery where Paddy rests is in Cheam. Frank Zaniewski and I, on at least two occasions when I've been in London in the last twelve years, have gone out to visit and had a drink with Paddy, keeping up the tradition of the days when we all used to congregate at the back of the bar in the International Lounge on Sun Princess. For me, life is really good right now, but what I wouldn't give for a few more evenings on that ship with that wonderful group of people who worked and lived on board. As Paddy would say, "Magic." And he was one of the people who made it just that.

Beautiful obituary Kit.


Further information has been supplied by Mick Page, an ex Lecky on Oronsay and Oriana in the early seventies. Also Mick served with the Royal Navy in the sixties. The following cutting was sent to Mick by Paddy's brother. 



Rest in Peace fellow Seadog



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In Memory of Paul Mead


Born … 3rd September 1958

Died … Sunday 2nd August 1998


I received this information from Ken Ellis;

One person I can think of who has not been mentioned is Paul Mead. He was an electrician on the old Oriana in the early eighties. He married an Aussie and left the sea only to return when things didn’t work out on the marriage front. I sailed with him again in the late eighties/early nineties on Royal Princess and I think he also sailed on the Island or Pacific Princess. The guy had probably the best sense of humour of anybody that I met in my sea going days – and there were some funny guys about. I lost touch with Paul (known to everybody as Peam) when I left the sea in 1994. Paul met and married a WAP and transferred over to P&O Ferries.


While serving on the Pride of Le Havre he suffered serious burns as the result of a switchboard explosion on 27 July 1998 and tragically died of pneumonia while in hospital in France five days later (Sunday 2nd August 1998). Paul was only in his early forties and his wife had only recently given birth to a baby. I can confirm this tragedy as I attended the funeral in Harwich which was also attended by many of his shipmates in uniform. Graham Bond also attended the funeral and was actually on board the ferry at the time of the accident and may be able to shed more light on this sad story for you. Peam was a really great guy and anybody who met him would never forget him.


Thanks Ken for that fitting tribute for one of us who died doing his duty. Very sad indeed. 



Further thanks got to Sarah Potter for writing to me to advise Paul's date of Birth.


Rest in Peace fellow Seadog



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In Memory of Peter Love


Born … 1931

Died … Friday 7th March 2008


Subject: Captain Peter Love

Those of you who knew him will be sorry to learn that Captain Peter Love has died. He did not want it generally known, but he had been suffering from cancer and passed away in St Margaret's Hospice, Yeovil, last Friday, 7th March.

The funeral is in South Petherton next Tuesday 18 March, and full details of the arrangements, including details of how to get there should you consider attending, can be found in the attachments to this message. These were provided by Captain Philip Jackson.

I must apologise for not advising everyone earlier, but I have been away and I could only gain access to my email address files on my return today.

Should you wish to obtain any further information, or maybe pass on condolences to the family, please contact Captain Philip Jackson (details withheld).


Derek Warmington


Should anyone wish to contact Captain Philip Jackson please contact me. 


Personally I found Captain Peter Love to be an outstanding human being and our deepest sympathies go to his family and friends and all who sailed with him. The above photo was cut from the amazing group shot of all our beloved leaders.


Mike Hawkesworth has sent in a link to a newspaper article written about Peter following his death which is well worth reading here.


Gillian Angrave writes;

Many, many of Peter’s shipmates will have very fond memories of him for a variety of reasons. I remember Peter as a very warm hearted man, caring of his crew, and great fun (who can forget his “Hole in the Elephant’s Bottom” – classic Peter). What I didn’t know, which appeared in the wonderful article about him (front page) of the Yeovil and District Western Gazette, is that he started the Yeovil Night Shelter offering accommodation to the homeless, alcoholics and drug addicts. He was the project’s Chairman for almost 20 years until ill health forced him to step down. I gather the local church was packed at his funeral (which I sadly wasn’t able to attend) and many of those he helped were present, as well as former shipmates. 

RIP, Peter. 

A great loss.


Rest in Peace fellow Seadog



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In Memory of Ray Houghton

Born … 1st July 1957

Died … ?


Sally Bell (now Byrne) remembers the following;

Ray Houghton was a great bloke. I can’t add any detail to his DOB or death other than I believe he was born in 1959 but I think he had a brain haemorrhage. My enduring memory of Raymondo, and I think for most WAPs will be that dreaded “woof, woof”. You knew that Raymondo was somewhere in the vicinity, on all 4’s and about to sniff up your skirt – and it didn’t matter who was present. I’ll never forget trying to explain to my parents exactly what was going on when I met them on the gangway of the Sea Princess and I was “woofed” by Raymondo. A great guy – I was so sad to hear of his passing.


Sounds like he was a man after my own heart.


Rest in Peace fellow Seadog



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In Memory of Rosemary Walker

Born … 27th April 1949

Died … 15th November 2000


Sadly Rosemary died of Multiple Sclerosis at 51.


Pauline Miller has kindly contacted the site to advise me of the above dates and recalls;

I knew Rosemary Walker very well and noticed that you don't have any dates on her entry in Seadogs Departed  - they are 27.4.49 - 15.11.00. She was great fun to know and very much had a fighting spirit despite her MS. I see you live near Alec Sunderland, we all went round together when we were on Oriana. Rosemary had the delightful tendency of nicknaming people with pertinent or otherwise names - Alec's was the Red Setter but I'm not too sure that he knew about this at the time :)


He does now Pauline, thanks for taking the time to contact us.  


Rest in Peace fellow Seadog



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In Memory of Colin Imber







Born … ?

Died … ?


Greg Sinclair sent this information;

Colin Imber passed away some years ago from asbestosis. I don’t know any dates but he sailed with me on Oriana in 1971. Colin was a Sydney boy like me and he served his apprenticeship at Garden Island Dockyard.


Rest in Peace fellow Seadog



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In Memory of Ian Hope







Born … ?

Died … ?


Peter Tassie Stuart provided this information;

Ian Hope was 2nd Electrician, later my best man, now deceased.


Rest in Peace fellow Seadog



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In Memory of Ken Otter







Born … ?

Died … ?


Rod Sharpe suggested Ken Otter has passed away. I’ll add a confirmation as soon as possible.


Rest in Peace fellow Seadog



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In Memory of Mick Davies

Born … 27 April 1955

Died … July 2006


Michael Hugh Davies (Mick) was a barman from the old Oriana and lived in Brisbane for 20 odd years and sadly died recently of a massive heart attack at the age of 51. He was Marty Elliot’s cousin.


Rest in Peace fellow Seadog



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In Memory of Barry Viscount







Born … ?

Died … ?


No information at this stage.


Rest in Peace fellow Seadog



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In Memory of Lyndon Munroe 

Born … ?

Died … ?


John Sullivan sends this information; 

Sadly, I report the passing of Lyndon Munroe. This is a hearsay report which I received when I attended a Certificate Revalidation course at Hunter TAFE College in Newcastle NSW over the last two weeks. I was informed of Lyndon's passing by a senior manager of Hanseatic Ship Management who was a personal friend of Lyndon’s.


Rest in Peace fellow Seadog



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In Memory of Ian Larkin (aka Weeble)







Born … ?

Died … ?


Ian Settle sends this information; 

Ian Larkin (aka Weeble) was a Leckey on the old Oriana all I know is that he did a couple of trips then left and went to work in the Gulf. I later heard that he went for a drive in the desert, left his vehicle and that was that. It happened about ten years ago. 


Rest in Peace fellow Seadog



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In Memory of Charlie Newby

Born … 31st December 1932

Died … 6th December 2006


John Heslop sent this information;

I regret to advise, that I have been informed that Charlie Newby (ex CEO) passed away in hospital on Wednesday.


Rest in Peace fellow Seadog



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In Memory of Derek Steward







Born … ?

Died … ?


Dave Traynor sent this information;

Alan Bacon heard that Derek Steward has passed away. Derek was a barman with BI and then P&O. I understand Derek & his wife were living in Argentina . Alan is trying to find out a bit more.


Rest in Peace fellow Seadog



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In Memory of Chris Smith

Born … ?

Died … ?


Brian Jewson sent this information;

Chris sailed on the Iberia, Himalaya, Oronsay and others as an Engineer. Chris passed away with cancer in New Zealand several years ago and I attended his funeral. Chris was my closest mate ever and is very much missed.

Brian Jewson (ex engineer)


Rest in Peace fellow Seadog



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In Memory of John Latham







Born … 22 Dec 1945

Died … 04 Dec 2006


John Bernard Latham of Burnaby, B.C. died suddenly on Monday, December 4, 2006. He was born in Wigan, Lancashire, England to the late Ann and Ben Latham. Prior to moving to Canada in 1974, John was an electrician who worked in the coal mines of Wigan before joining the P & O Cruise Lines as an officer. He continued his trade in Vancouver up until his untimely death. As a member of the IBEW Local 213, he had worked at various locations, Hospitals and on many large projects in various capacities throughout BC and the North, most recently for Schneider Canada. A keen rugby player, John was a long-time member of the Trojan's RFC and later the Burnaby Lake RFC when the clubs combined. John was a hooker and enjoyed the challenges that came with that position. When he retired from playing rugby he continued his involvement by volunteering at the Burnaby Lake Rugby Club. John leaves to mourn his only child, Theresa Anne of Burnaby, his partner Annie Korner, his brother Ben (Rebecca) of Auckland, New Zealand, sister Nancy (Frank) and brothers Fred (Lillian) and Joe (Lynn) of Wigan, England and numerous nieces and nephews. John will be missed by many, especially his rugby mates, his neighbours and the many students he helped over the years. Funeral Services will be held on December 15, 2006 at 11:00 am from St. Helen's Catholic Church, 3860 Triumph Street, Burnaby. Immediately followed by a celebration of John's life at the Burnaby Lake Rugby Club.


The newspaper clipping reporting John's suspected Murder, sent in by Peter (Tassie) Stuart, can be viewed here.


What a tragic waste ... live for today people.


Rest in Peace fellow Seadog



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