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In Memory of Chris Hart

Born … 1949

Died … 1st September 2010


Mike Gold, ex C/O Sun Princess (Spirit of London) advised us of the tragic news and forwarded the following written by Tony Dear who attended the funeral;

I thought that it appropriate at the end of a long day to let you know that Chris Hart was farewelled with full voice and full house in the manner to which he would have been proud with so so many of his mates, friends and of course family attending. You could not have packed another soul into the church, a moving ceremony, touching and emotional and with daughters and son delivering eulogies, very heartbreaking. I must confess he was loved dearly by so so many, even the Thursday Island Manager flew down for the service as well as - I'm sure - every off-duty Australian Reef Pilot - a huge tribute to a special man. How very privileged we have been to have had him as a mate and perhaps more importantly, to have been inspired by his character. He'll be sadly missed. He was very special. He was a man you'd be proud to know and have walk alongside you. 



Our thoughts are with Chris' wife and three children at this terrible time.


Rest in Peace fellow Seadog 



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In Memory of Malcolm Blair



No Photo Yet



Born … ?

Died … 8th October 2010


Dave Traynor advises;

Sorry to have to inform you of the death of Malcolm Blair. Malcolm passed away on 8th October aged 66. Malcolm had been a Barman working on Uganda, Canberra & Oriana.  


Our thoughts are with all Malcolm's family and friends .


Rest in Peace fellow Seadog 



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In Memory of Captain Dennis Scott-Masson


Born … ?

Died … 16th November 2010


Dennis' wife, Anne-Marie Scott-Masson, writes;

Dennis died at 12.30 today. The funeral here will be next Monday or Tuesday -TBA. There will be a memorial Service at the Falklands Memorial Chapel at Pangbourne (probably in the spring), which may suit those who live further away. Close friends of course are very welcome to join the family at Minterne Magna. 




Martin Warren kindly sent in this wonderful obituary.


Graham Bond writes;

Very upset to hear about Scott-Masson. He was a very misunderstood man. I sailed with him on the Big O and also on the final voyage of Uganda back to Falmouth. I heard that the office had instructed Dennis to bring the Uganda into port under the cover of darkness because the ship was in such a terrible condition that the P&O big nobs did not want the media to see her and plaster this image of P&O all around the world. After receiving this message he then rang ‘full steam ahead’ and we arrived early enough for the helicopters and planes to get some really good footage of her steaming into Falmouth.


I last saw Dennis in a Safeway's car park in about 2002 in my old town of Totnes in South Devon. I looked at him and knew exactly who he was and he looked at me with a ‘I know that man’ look on his face. We had a chat for around 10 minutes and in that time I got to know him better than the 3 odd years that I'd sailed with him. A real gentleman and a sad loss.


Our sincere thoughts and deepest sympathies are with Anne-Marie and all Dennis' family and friends.


Rest in Peace fellow Seadog 



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In Memory of Captain John Crichton


Born … ?

Died … Early 80's


Morris Bagnall writes;

I was actually on board the Sun Princess when the wife of Captain John Crichton scattered his ashes in Tranquillity Bay in Alaska; best Captain I ever met and a true gentleman to boot. Below is Captain Crichton at a wedding we had for a crew member on the Sun Princess. I think he died within a year of this. Very sad.


click to enlarge


There's more of John starting here.


Our thoughts are with all John's family and friends.


Rest in Peace fellow Seadog 



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In Memory of Dr Bruce Cooper


Born … 22nd November 1914

Died … 3rd December 2010


Alan Mackenzie writes;

Attached is the obituary in Tuesday's (4th January) Daily Telegraph. It is for Doctor Bruce Cooper, who died on 3rd December, aged 96. I sailed with him in Uganda during June/July 1980 and I imagine he would be well-remembered by any other Uganda regulars.


Tony Simpson writes;

You may like to publish this article on Bruce Cooper, ex ship's Doc, Uganda, who has just died at the age of 96, this article was forwarded by Derek Houghton, ex DP, Uganda.

click to enlarge


Our thoughts are with all Bruce's family and friends.


Rest in Peace fellow Seadog 



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In Memory of Brian MacDonald

Born … 6th May 1944

Died … 17th February 2011


The above photo and the two below were kindly sent in by Alan Mackenzie.




Alan Mackenzie writes;

I was so sorry to hear the sad news of Brian MacDonald's passing on 17th February. I have great memories of working with Brian when he became Managing Director of Canberra Cruises in 1986 and was charged with the "rebuilding" of Canberra into a viable operation for the foreseeable future.


He was always brim-full of ideas for improvements and innovations to the ship and, when they involved electronics or electrics (as they frequently did), he would invariably confer with me, as CETO/1ETO, regarding the practicality or otherwise, of his proposals. We often sat in his cabin after dinner, quite late into the night, discussing some scheme or other and, the following day, I would look closely into its implementation. We achieved a great deal that way.


As you have been having difficulty finding pictures of Brian, I have attached three that are, unfortunately, not of terribly good quality but might be of help. They are all taken from various little books he has written over the years and produced privately. The latter two were taken around 2005, while no.1 would have been taken around 1964, when Brian first became Resident Clerk at P&O's old Cockspur Street office in London.


click to enlarge


This photo was kindly sent in by Simon Holmes, borrowed from a book called "I Remember" - a collection of personal memories 1987 which is all about Canberra with the introduction by Brian MacDonald.


click to enlarge


Bruce Waller, Brian and Terry Bartholomew kindly sent in by TB.


click to enlarge


This brilliant photo was kindly sent in by Wendy Kaye.

Wendy writes;

I was so sorry to hear of Brian MacDonald's passing in the latest Seadogs update. While VP of Fleet Personnel Brian was responsible for bringing me off the ships to work at Princess Cruises' corporate office in Los Angeles back in 1993. Working with Brian I wrote the "Fleet Personnel Manual", which has no doubt been re-written and re-named over the years. He was a great guy and it was such a pleasure working with him until he retired. After he left I remained with Princess as Fleet Personnel Manager and left the company when they relocated to Santa Clarita in 2001. I managed to find a photo of him fishing in Alaska. 


Derek Warmington advises;

I have been informed that the funeral for Brian MacDonald will take place at 1030 am on Tuesday 1st March at St. Barnabas Church, Woodfield Road, Hadleigh, Benfleet Essex. SS7 2EJ.


One of Brian's Sons adds;

At Brian’s request, family flowers only and if you wish, donations can be made to the ‘RNLI’ in his memory. These can be sent via Messrs S. Stibbards & Sons, 4 Commonhall Lane, Hadleigh, Essex. SS7 2RN"


Barry Gatland writes;

I and a few others from when Brian was our "Boss" at Flag - Group Air Travel will be attending to pay our respects to a great guy that was appreciated by all that worked for him during his time at GAT.


click to enlarge

Brian Gatland adds;

The church, St Barnabas in Hadleigh Essex, was full with only standing room available. It was mainly his family and friends with about 20 "old hands" from P&O, Canberra Cruises and Flag Group Air Travel that made up the attendance of around 90 people.

Tributes came from Brian's sons, Alastair and Iain, together with his long term friend Steve all giving very moving and at times light-hearted addresses on behalf of the family and friends.


Our thoughts are with all Brian's family and friends .


Rest in Peace fellow Seadog 



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In Memory of Paul Green


Born … 11th April 1959

Died … 19th April 2010


The Exeter Newspaper reported on Friday 23rd April 2010;

Couple found in village were stabbed – police

Police have confirmed a couple found dead at their home in a village near Exeter both died from knife wounds.

Officers confirmed the result of post-mortem examinations carried out on the couple, who have been officially named as Claire White, 48, and Paul Green, 51, as residents of Aylesbeare continued to express their shock at the tragedy.

Police were called to his large, detached property in Oak Road at 10pm on Monday after concerns was raised.

They arrived around half-an-hour later and discovered the two bodies.

Detective Inspector Mike West, leading the investigation, said: "This is a tragic incident that has impacted on the lives of both Claire and Paul's family, as well as the community."

"We continue to work with family members and they are being provided with support through our specially trained family liaison officers. We are working together with the community to provide reassurance locally and support those directly affected by this tragedy."

Yesterday, a police cordon remained around the property and as officers continued their search, and specialist security staff guarded the crime scene.

The couple are believed to have lived in the village for about 15 years but Ms White was understood to have been away for several weeks and returned to the house on Monday.


Our thoughts are with all Paul and Claire's family and friends .


Rest in Peace fellow Seadog 



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In Memory of Timothy Wride


Born … 20th February 1962

Died … 25th February 2011


I received this message from Captain Steve Burgoine;

It is with a saddened heart that I am writing to notify you of the passing of Timothy Wride yesterday morning. Tim had been with the Company since 1979 reaching the position of Staff Chief Engineer, most recently working onboard Ocean Village and seeing her into the refit. He will be deeply missed by both his friends onboard and in the office. Many of you and your teams will have worked with Tim during his time with us and may wish to pass on their condolences. We would ask at that individuals respect the family's privacy at this time, Lucy Shacklady in the HR team is in touch with the family and will be coordinating any messages of condolence for them.

David Strawford CEng CMarEng FIMarEST
Fleet Services Director
Carnival UK    


click to enlarge

Courtesy of Mike Jepson

Tim as Bunkering Officer on the Canberra.


click to enlarge

Courtesy of Mike Jepson

Tim, Mike Jepson and Terry Bartholomew.


Funeral arrangements;

Further to the announcement regarding Tim Wride, I can advise you that Tim's funeral will be taking place on 14th March at Dibden Church, Hythe at 14:30, if you wishing to attend please be aware the Church only the has the capacity for 100 people.

The family will be having family flowers only at the Church however have suggested if anyone would like to make a donation that they do so to 2 of Tim's favourite charities,

RNLI - www.rnli.org.uk
Waterside Cancer Support Centre - donations need to be made by cheque and should be made payable to Waterside Cancer Support Centre and addressed c/o R. Hallum & Son, 185 Long Lane, Holbury, Southampton, SO45 2PA.

Thank you all for your messages I will be forwarding these to the family.

If you have any queries please let me know.

Kind regards
Lucy Shacklady
HR Advisor - Ship & Shore HR
Carnival UK


Andrew Ball went to Tim's funeral and kindly sent in a copy of the Order of Service; 

and adds;

Attached is the order of service for Tim's Funeral yesterday. There was a good turn out for him, about 120 or so in a church that takes 100! A mixture of family, friends & seafaring colleagues, the world was a better place for his having been in it.


Our thoughts are with all Tim's family and friends .


Rest in Peace fellow Seadog 



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In Memory of Leyla Incikaya


Born … 

Died … 25 February 2011


Peter Bennett writes;

I’ve just had an email advising me Leyla Incikaya died last week from cancer after several months of trying to fight it with chemo. Leyla for those of us who knew her was a great mate and lots of fun to be around, such a sad loss, she will be missed by many. Leyla sailed on the Princess ships (Island, Sun and Pacific) as an entertainer and dancer and lived in Los Angeles. I’ve emailed the family with my sad condolences.


Cynthia Masters adds;

I'm an old friend of Leyla Incikaya. I saw the posting regarding her performance in Best Little Whorehouse in Texas and thought I would give you a little more information. Leyla invited me to the cast and crew showing of the film. It was wonderfully exciting to see her so much larger than life onscreen! She is one of the dancers seated on the piano bench, dancing while sitting down. And, just so you know, she is not one of the bare backside ladies in the thongs! She did some other film work, but my recollection is that her scenes in those other films were unfortunately edited out, and did not make it to the screen. Leyla loved her time on the ship, travelling the world and making friends. I still miss her.


Our thoughts are with all Leyla's family and friends .


Rest in Peace fellow Seadog 



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In Memory of Jack Last

click to enlarge

Born … 

Died … 2006 or 2007


Dr Richard Reubin writes;

Who can forget Jack Last! He was a character straight out of central casting. He was to to my recollection a retired Regimental Sergeant Major in the Royal Army Medical Corps. He had the drill sergeant voice and one of his party tricks was "wheelchairs on parade" in which you would sit in chairs and to the sound of military music you would pretend to push your wheelchair around a parade ground while Jack barked out the orders. With a few drinks on board it was hilarious - you had to be there. He also had a pet budgie, Count Bluey, who had the run of Oriana's crew hospital where Jack had his quarters. It was quite a meeting place and had panoramic sea views. Bluey had a penchant for curry and could talk a little. Jack had been a prisoner of war and had been interned in the notorious Changi jail in Singapore where he spent most of the war as a guest of the Japanese. He had a lot of anecdotes the best being tricking a Jap guard to have a tooth extracted without anaesthetic thinking the camp dentist was painless - he wasn't. Jack taught me how to apply bandages and diagnose socially acquired diseases. Skills which stood me in good stead. He died 3 or 4 years ago. RIP.


Our thoughts are with all Jack's family and friends .


Rest in Peace fellow Seadog 



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In Memory of George McHugh

Born … 24th Nov 1937

Died … 16th April 2011


George's son, Gavin, advises that George passed away in Vancouver on Sunday 17th April (GMT).


Anne in Vancouver writes;

George died peacefully on Saturday evening - he had been ill for some months. I will always love him and miss him dearly - as someone wrote in a recent email "he was a rogue and a character". True, he was that and more but also a real gentleman.


Bob Eden writes;

I have a few fond memories of George:

1. George grabbing Willie Paterson by the scruff of the neck and throwing him through the watertight door from the boiler room with a message to get back to his bloody passengers as he was a danger below.


2. Bollockings! When GM came down to the plates to reprimand one of us, we all gathered around the desk and he let fly, trouble was we were never sure who he was targeting because of his wall eye!


3. Engineers Magic! I was chilling out, listening to Barry White (can you believe it), when I heard a commotion in the alleyway. My cabin was stbd aft. Anyway, peering over the jalousie door I spied George with a spindly young mate held firmly by the elbow and looking fairly distraught. George was pointing out some local features to the wriggling mate. "See that up there, pointing to the deck head light, engineers magic!, feel the cooling breeze from the Punkah, engineers magic, turning on the shower, engineers magic, flushing the head, engineers magic, and finally pointing aft to the twin wake from Nevasa's screws, engineers bloody magic. If I catch you slagging my lads again there will be no more ENGINEERS MAGIC for you!!" on which he released his pincer like grip on the mates elbow who scuttled away.

One of a kind our George!


Our thoughts are with Anne in Vancouver, ex-wife Annmare, daughter Annmare, sons Stephen and Gavin and George's brother Tom who are all in Scotland. The funeral arrangements may be in Vancouver or Paisley, Scotland.


Rest in Peace fellow Seadog 



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In Memory of Huw Williams

Born … 27th January 1925

Died … March or April 1982


Alan Mackenzie writes;

Huw passed away around March or April 1982, in rather tragic circumstances. I last sailed with him when he did a brief spell as Chief R/O in Oriana in autumn, 1981 and, from there, he was posted to Uganda, either late '81 or very early '82. Whilst in Uganda he was taken ill and was landed ashore in Alexandria where he was admitted to hospital and sadly died there. It was very upsetting for me as I had a lot of time for Huw, having sailed with him as a Trainee R/O in Canberra in early '77 on the voyage out to Australia when he was really good to me. Very sad business. 


Our thoughts are with wife Norma and all Huw's family and friends.


Rest in Peace fellow Seadog 



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In Memory of Des Grieve



No Photo!



Born … 1943

Died … 20th April 2011


Terry Walsh writes;

Sorry to inform you that Des Grieve Ass Eng ARCADIA 1966-1967 passed away on Wed 20th April after a battle with cancer. He will be remembered by his mates Mick Talbot and Andy Yeoman.


Our thoughts are with all Des' family and friends.


Rest in Peace fellow Seadog 



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In Memory of Ronnie Pont



No Photo!



Born … 

Died … 23rd April 2011


Derek Scott writes;

Ronnie (aka Martha) has sadly passed away, no further details I’m afraid, but he was a PRS on the Sea Princess, anyone who met him will always remember his unique humour. 


Brendan Cole adds;

I'm writing to advise that Ronnie Pont ex Public Room Steward passed away on April 23rd 2011. I am not aware of the circumstances/details. Many ex P&O Seafarers will remember Ronnie, in particular his rendition of 'Stormy Weather' and his appearance as the 'Sugarplum Fairy' on London Pub nights, with a few G&T's to help him on his way, he had the passengers, officers and crew in stitches.


Our thoughts are with all Ronnie's family and friends.


Rest in Peace fellow Seadog 



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In Memory of Graham Harding


Born … 

Died … 20th July 2011


Alan Mackenzie advises that Graham died from Lung Cancer.


Our thoughts are with all Graham's family and friends.


Rest in Peace fellow Seadog 



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In Memory of John Englefield


Born … 

Died … 23rd November 2011


Mike Jack writes;

John Englefield, aka The Bopper, suffered a massive heart attack and passed away yesterday. He was a good friend and God Father to our oldest daughter Sam.


Derek Warmington, through Mike Hawkesworth advises;

I have been advised that the Funeral for John Englefield, former Chief Engineer Officer, will be held at St Keverne’s Parish Church, St Keverne, Cornwall at 2pm on Monday 5 December. John and his wife Pippa’s home is in Coverack, approximately 3 miles away.


Some special comments have been placed in the Forum about the Bopper so here's the link to those comments.


Our thoughts are with all John's family and friends.


Rest in Peace fellow Seadog 



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In Memory of Dave Kirchin


Born … 11th August 1938

Died … August 2011


Derek Warmington, through Terry Bartholomew advises;

Those who knew him will be sorry to hear that David Kirchin has passed away. David was an Engineer Officer with BI who spent many years in Uganda, eventually becoming Senior Second Engineer Officer and Acting Chief. After Uganda’s withdrawal, he spent a period in Sea Princess before leaving the sea in the mid 1980’s. The funeral will be at 1200 on Thursday 1 September in the Central Chapel, Landican Cemetary & Crematorium, Arrowe Park Road, Wirral, Merseyside.


Jim Walton adds (2nd Sep);

I've just got back from Dave's funeral. There were a couple of people there who I knew, Lightning and JK Barclay, and three other seadogs. Dave's coffin arrived draped in a red ensign. I sailed with Dave on ss Uganda in the early eighties he was J2, 2nd and Chief and he was a great fella. He had occasion to tell me off more than once. In fact he got real mad with me for tearing the arms off his boiler suit as I thought he had given it to me only to find he wanted it back. He also pulled me up in the ward room for being a slovenly git and a typical shoresider!! Despite all this you had to love him and I was sad to hear he had died. The funeral service was lovely and very well attended with standing room only at the back on a lovely sunny day on the Wirral where he was raised and lived all his life. I'm sure everyone who had the pleasure to meet him will know what a gent he was and I will always have fond memories of him.


click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge

Thanks to Jim for sending in this order of service.


Some special comments have been placed in the Forum about Dave so here's the link to those comments.


Our thoughts are with all Dave's family and friends.


Rest in Peace fellow Seadog 



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In Memory of Denis Tanner


Born … 21st February 1942

Died … 30th December 2011


Derek Warmington writes;

According to Phil Butcher, Denis had been ill for some time and died last Friday. Denis would have been 70 on the 21st February and that means that he was 3 months younger than me which is a sobering thought!


Mike Hawkesworth adds;

... more sad news, Denis was a great seadog!


click to enlarge

Courtesy of Graham Stephens

Graham writes;

I sailed with Denis Tanner in Himalaya. Nice bloke in every sense of the word. A good shipmate sums it up best. Sadly those of us of this era... sorry can't write anymore.


You never have to say sorry for being emotional about an old shipmate Graham, thanks for the photo!


Some special comments and information about the funeral arrangements have been placed in the Forum, originally by Terry Bartholomew so here's the link to those comments.


click to enlargeclick to enlarge

click to enlargeclick to enlarge


Terry Bartholomew writes;

Attached is the order of service for Denis Tanner's funeral, as expected it was very well attended, as well as his family there were a great number of his shore side friends, seadogs serving and retired, shore staff, contractors and sundry other P&O staff. We retired to his local for drinks and a very good buffet afterwards and of course the seadogs had a reunion to remember a well loved friend.


Our thoughts are with all Denis' family and friends.


Rest in Peace fellow Seadog 



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In Memory of Alan Ferguson


Born … 28th January 1957

Died … c July 2005


Mike Brown (aka Bam Bam) writes;

After leaving the sea I worked in engineering inspection for a company called National Vulcan, that is now part of Royal & Sun Alliance, where I came across another Seadog Alan "Minty" Ferguson. Alan was on the Oriana amongst other ships in the seventies and early eighties. Sadly Alan joined the departed Seadogs in July 2005, when he died suddenly from a heart attack at home in Perth.


Our thoughts are with all Alan's family and friends.


Rest in Peace fellow Seadog 



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In Memory of Brian Stewart



No Photo Yet



Born … 

Died … 13th Jan 2012


Mike Gold writes;

I regret to inform you of the passing of Brian Stewart who was a senior radio officer on Orcades, Oronsay and ss Arcadia. Brian crossed the bar last Friday after a long illness in Bristol UK, nursed and loved by his wife Joyce, a former
social hostess on Canberra, and their two daughters.


Our thoughts are with all Brian's family and friends.


Rest in Peace fellow Seadog 



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In Memory of Tommy Shaw

Born … 20th June 1949

Died … 28th Jan 2012


Phil Archer writes;

It is with great sadness that we have lost another Seadog. Tom Shaw passed away in hospital today in San Diego. CA, USA. I do not have the full details at the moment but Peter Hanna and I were going to visit him in hospital tonight when Peter received a phone call that he had passed away. Tom is survived by his two great children Christopher and Heather and ex wife Debra. Tom's last ship was the Sun Princess and he left the sea in 1985 to start a new life in San Diego. God bless you Tom. We will miss you brother!


Don Cole adds;

Very sad indeed. I worked with Tommy on Uganda in 1978 he was as you say a great guy, and a demon worker, I have never seen a man strip down and rebuild a motor as fast as Tommy could. I am sure many better tributes will come Tommy's way now but that was my memory of him.


Andrew Ball weighs in;

I too sailed with Tommy "The West Coast Kid" Shaw on the SS Uganda in 1978. A great guy, on one occasion he organised an evening run ashore in Istanbul, with two Turks he'd met earlier that day. I remember we were all a bit anxious at the idea of going off to who knew where with two locals no-one knew. Tommy convinced us it would all be fine, off we went and to this day it remains one of the most memorable evenings of my life. Thank you Tommy, may you rest in peace fellow Seadog.


Phil Archer adds;

I have been informed that a memorial service will be held for Tommy Shaw on Saturday February 11th at 1:00pm. Anyone wishing to attend are welcome. Food and drinks provided. Address is – The Marina Village, 1936 Quivira Way, San Diego, CA, 92109. The celebration of his life will be held in the Seaside Room.


click to enlarge click to enlarge

click to enlarge click to enlarge

The Order of Service has been kindly sent in by Dai Young.


Our thoughts are with all Tommy's family and friends.


Rest in Peace fellow Seadog 



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In Memory of Alan Hills

Born … 18th February 1952

Died … 8th March 2009


Suzanne Hills writes;

My husband Alan Hills sailed as an Engineering officer on Canberra, Uganda, Island Princess and Arcadia in the late 70's. I found out about your website after a recent cruise on Sun Princess, where I was speaking with the Staff Engineer Chris Fuller, and see that Alan is listed as an old seadog.


With great sadness, my Alan lost his battle with cancer on 8 March 2009. (18/2/52 - 8/3/09).


I met Alan on the Arc at Captain's Cocktails in December 1977 and we were married on 3 November 1978 in Brisbane, Australia. We timed our wedding so that the Arc was in Brisbane and enabled personnel from the ship to attend. With airline travel being less affordable back in the 70's than it is today, none of Alan's family were able to make it out here for the wedding, so it was wonderful for Alan that so many of his Arc family were able to get time off in port to share our special day. (Our wedding album contains a lovely photo of us with the Arc personnel who could attend - including Alfie Pimblett (coxswain) who did a wonderful job of ensuring that everyone, at the end of the night, was 'bundled' into taxis and transported back to the Arc in time for sailing!).


I don't think there was ever a day went by that Alan did not relate a story about his days at sea; he really treasured the times he had with P&O and Princess. Because of these stories, I recognised so many of the names (especially the nicknames!) of the old seadogs you have listed. While cruising on the Sun Princess in January, I recognised the Staff Engineer Chris Fuller's name in the Princess Patter - after 35 years, it is quite incredible that I am still running into people who Alan sailed with. In fact, as Chris pointed out, both he and Alan did their apprenticeships together at W.D. & H.O. Wills in Bristol before they both joined P & O U.K.


After living in England in 1979, Alan and I moved to Brisbane (my home town), and we have been here ever since. Alan became a high school teacher and then for his last 10 years we both ran a film and television training and production business - with Alan's interest in all things mechanical, he relished his new interest in production equipment and developed an excellent and well respected knowledge of cameras, lights, sound etc for film production.


Suzanne can be contacted by leaving a message in the Forum.


Our thoughts are with all Alan's family and friends.


Rest in Peace fellow Seadog 





















































In Memory of Alf Pimblett 

Born … ?

Died … Summer 2002


While posting the death of Alan Hills I noticed in the listings that Alf had two mentions, one as Alf Pimlett and the other as Alf Pimblett so I did an internet search to see if I could ascertain the proper spelling and found this amazing article in his local village of Pembury's newsletter from 2001.


Sadly, following that was the same village newsletter for the summer of 2002 where the sad news of his passing was posted.  


Our thoughts are with all Alf's family and friends.


Rest in Peace fellow Seadog 

















































In Memory of Linda Soper (now Richardson) 

Born … 7th October 1949

Died … 2nd March 2012


Brian writes;

Linda passed away on Friday the 2nd. She battled cancer for 12 years, twice we thought she had won, but the third time was just too much.  


Our thoughts are with husband Brian and all Linda's family and friends.


Rest in Peace fellow Seadog 














































In Memory of Tim Iredale (aka Shark) 

Born … ?

Died … 25th April 2011 (ANZAC Day)


Allen Telling writes;

Tim Iredale (aka Shark) served in the merchant navy for many years on both cargo and passenger ships. He was on several P&O passenger liners including the Oronsay and Arcadia before marrying and settling down in in Brisbane Queensland. Sadly he died of cancer almost a year ago. 


Our thoughts are with wife Jeanette and all Tim's family and friends.


Rest in Peace fellow Seadog 














































In Memory of Joe Ballam 

Born … ?

Died … 15th Dec 2012


Nigel Taylor advised of Joe's passing, no other information yet.  



Our thoughts are with wife Cathy and all Joe's family and friends.


Rest in Peace fellow Seadog 














































In Memory of John Rockell (aka Rocky) 

Born … 11th Jun 1949

Died … 1st May 2013


Dave Harbinson writes;

Very sad to advise, Rocky lost the battle with mesothelioma. He passed away last night. Another one gone far too soon. Rocky was only 63. He still had a smile on his face right up to the end and said his goodbyes. I still can't come to terms with it, I spoke to him via Skype quite a bit, we always had a good laugh
and he was always so upbeat, taking it all in his stride. I thought that this was just another set back that he would come through, but it wasn't to be. Taken far too soon.
PS : I told Kira, I thought the picture of him by the sea was perfect and how I would always remember him.


This is Rocky on a recent reunion with Harbo.


Kira adds;

Dear Friends, 

Our beloved John passed away yesterday evening. His lungs had nothing left after this 23-month battle with mesothelioma. He had been quite ill in the past three weeks. After complications he was placed on a ventilator last week. He never wanted to end up like that and we had to respect his wishes. He was ever so brave. John said his goodbyes to us and then asked to be sedated. When he was comfortable, asleep and felt no pain the machine was turned off. He was gone in less than 20 minutes.


John adored his family. He was kind, gentle, funny, always a joke and a smile. He genuinely cared for people and would extend a hand to anyone who needed help. A giant among men. To those of you who had the privilege to know him, work with him and call him a friend … 

click to enlarge

... a photo to remember our darling husband and father. 


Our hearts are broken. Kira, Melody, Adele and Michael.


A tribute wall has been setup in John's memory at the Mesothelioma Foundation website where donations in John's honour can be made to help further their invaluable research. There's also a wall at Fairfax Memorial Funeral Home and a UK memorial service to honour John's life will be advised in due course, expected this summer.


Lauraine Mulberry adds;

At a P&O reunion on Friday the following sad news was announced by Derek Warmington; John Rockell passed away after a long illness in Virginia, USA on Wednesday, 1st May. He was 63. John was Chief Engineer Officer with P&O and later Princess Cruises and up to his retirement he was with Carnival Cruises in Technical Management in Florida. There will be a Memorial service followed by Cremation in Virginia on Thursday, 9th May. At John's request, his wife Kira will be bringing the ashes to the UK to be scattered in the Solent probably in July when a further Memorial service will be held in Southampton.


Brian Jewson adds;

I sailed with Rocky in the 70's on Iberia. Good times, bad news. Sorry.


John Barclay adds;

I met Rocky in 1973 on my first ship Himalaya doing dry dock, Rocky was 4th and I was paired up with him repacking valves it was all the dockyard staff would allow the ships staff to do in those days of union power. Rocky and I hit it off straight away both being from the West Country maybe. We never sailed together on Himalaya it was years later that we met up again on Canberra and on that ship we sailed together on various occasions until I left P&O and went to work ashore again in 1986.


Having gone shoreside you would think our friendship would have faded away but whilst on holiday in the early 90's in Lanzarote I looked out to sea and there was the Canberra, so by total chance Rocky was CEO the shore party passed a message to Rocky, the reply was what are you doing for lunch how many passes do you need? It was fate our friendship was refreshed.


As all my friends know, I have never been a regular letter or email writer just the odd one now and then, Rocky and I were mates that just got on, when he was working for Princess/Carnival in Miami my wife and I had booked a Caribbean cruise so an email is all it took, Rocky at this time owned a guest house so that was it "how long would you like to stay" again our friendship continued.


When Rocky was first taken ill and the word spread about his illness, I think every engineer that worked before the words H&S were thought about at sea said a prayer. As he progressed we all shared a sigh of relief, and when we all met up for the 175 bash he looked so good.


We've all lost a very good friend, I will always remember him the way he was on that day sailing down the Solent to see the P&O fleet sail, the smile that said "hi how you doing" the hand shake that said "good to see you" were like his trade marks. When Kira brings John home for that final trip down the Solent I know there will be a lot of Seadogs that will want to pay there respects and if possible sail for one last time with John Rockell a true friend to so many of us.


Steve B adds;  

Rocky was a great supporter of this site and I always enjoyed all the emails I got from him, he had a great sense of humour and his positive attitude helped me a lot during some difficult personal times. Even though we never sailed together nor met face to face I did call him a friend and he will be sorely missed. R.I.P. Rocky. 


Our thoughts are with wife Kira and children Melody, Adele and Michael and all Rocky's family and friends.


Rest in Peace fellow Seadog 



In Memory of Marty O'Conlon 

click on photo to enlarge

Born … ?

Died … 17th January 2014


Jeannie Applegate Nemeth writes;

Marty had a marvelous Trio...performing in Las Vegas, Reno and all over the western United States.  He was a guitarist, played piano, accordian and vibes, and sang. Frank Perrin hired his trio in 1970 at which time they joined  Arcadia.

They also played on the Oriana, Pacific Princess and Sun Princess.

click on photo to enlarge

Marty wrote a very interesting biography where he recalls his life at sea and fondly names many of the friends of the staff and crew that he sailed with.

He was an accomplished song writer and composer of music. Marty died on January 17, battling throat cancer and other medical issues.


Our thoughts are with all Marty's family and friends.


Rest in Peace fellow Seadog 




In Memory of Ken Hobbs 

Born … ?

Died … 26th October 2014


Colin Wright writes;

Sorry to report the passing of a well respected fellow Seadog Ken Hobbs . He passed away in the early hours of Saturday morning 26th Oct. I had an email from his daughter. Ken was well liked and a good friend to many Seadogs. Sorry no other details. 

The original forum post from Colin can be seen here along with the subsequent posts.

The above photo was cut from this photo in Uganda Groups and from there there's a link to the only other photo of Ken on this site.    

Our thoughts are with all Ken's family and friends.


Rest in Peace fellow Seadog 



In Memory of Peter Bennett 

Born … 10th July 1951

Died … 3rd March 2014


Lynda Bennett writes;

Peter sadly passed away from bowel cancer (endocrine), with secondaries to the liver, spine and brain. He fought a brave battle for three years. He died at home with all his family there. He is survived by me, four daughters and one son. My email address is wershey@hotmail.com should anyone wish to contact me. 


Our thoughts are with all Peter's family and friends.


Rest in Peace fellow Seadog 



In Memory of Rod Sharpe 

Born … 17th January 1945

Died … 16th May 2015

Rod's family writes (through Mike Maskell and Keith Radford);

It is with sadness we advise the passing of Rodney Sharpe on the 16th May 2015.

A funeral will be held at the Allan Drew Funeral Home, 221 Old Northern Rd Castle Hill NSW 2154 this Thursday the 21st May 2015 at 2pm.

We welcome your attendance if you are available, please feel free to pass this message on accordingly.


Kathryn, Victoria & Ken Sharpe 

Keith Radford adds;
I met Rod when I first came to Australia, at the time he was the engineer at “The Sebel Town House” at Potts Point or as he referred to himself “Engineer to the Stars”. I kept in touch with him and he contacted me when he was diagnosed with asbestosis and Lynne and I were invited to Christmas drinks at his home a few years back. I spoke to him last year and he was so optimistic he had purchased a new boat as his passion was deep sea offshore fishing. Sadly he passed away 2 days ago, I shall endeavour to attend his funeral on Thursday.
RIP Rod.

Our thoughts are with all Rod's family and friends.


Rest in Peace fellow Seadog 



In Memory of Ian Jennings 

Born …

Died … 17th October 2015

There are no details about the tragic circumstances of Ian's death as yet nor have the funeral arrangements been released at this very sad time. I have been in touch with Ian's wife Olive who was a nurse at sea and that's how they met and have been together ever since.

Comments are starting to arrive on the forum post that I entered yesterday advising of this very sad news which can be seen here.

Our thoughts are with all Ian's family and friends.


Rest in Peace fellow Seadog 



In Memory of Chris Upjohn 

Courtesy of Rob Talboys

Born …

Died … 10th May 2016

Robert Hill kindly passed this message on;

The sad news has been received from Western Australia that Captain Chris Upjohn passed away on Tuesday the 10th May after a short illness. He was 77.

Chris joined P&O as a Cadet in the late 1950’s and remained at sea serving in a variety of P&O Cargo and Passenger ships until the early 1970’s by which time he had become Chief Officer. He then joined the offshore supply industry as a Master with Shell, serving mainly in the North Sea and the Far East, before becoming a Rigmaster in the North Sea based in Aberdeen.

When they retired, he and his wife Jean (Evans) moved to Western Australia.

Derek Warmington

There's one other photo of Chris on this site which can be found in Rob Talboys Memories.

Our thoughts are with all Chris' family and friends.


Rest in Peace fellow Seadog 



In Memory of Tony Gilham 

Courtesy of the Internet

Born … 1934

Died … 10th June 2016

Roger Monk writes;

Tony was one of the many P&O Refrigeration Engineers of the 1950s who served his apprenticeship with J & E Hall Ltd of Dartford. He spent a lifetime in refrigeration and air-conditioning and lived in Dartford where he was very active in local government and was Mayor of Dartford at one time.

Courtesy of the Internet

Tony was a survivor in more ways than one; he was the Refrigeration Engineer on board the SS Shillong when she sank after a collision with the Belgium MS Purfina Congo in the Red Sea on 22 October 1957.  

Tony is succeeded by his wife Eunice and a son and daughter.


Rest in Peace fellow Seadog 



In Memory of Brian Love 

Born … 1934

Died … 30th June 2016

Keith Radford writes;

I've received a message from Pippa Englefield, the late Boppers wife, asking me to inform you that Brian Love ex 2nd Engineer on Himalaya passed away on the 1st July.

That's very sad news, I sailed with Brian on Oriana just for a brief time while he was relieving as 2nd or 1st Engineer. He was OK, a good bloke.

Derek Warmington adds;

News has been passed to me that Brian Love passed away on 30 June at the age of 82.

Brian was an Engineer Officer who went to sea in 1954 with Shaw Savill and Furness Withy before joining P&O in 1959. He served in a number of cargo ships as well as the passenger ships Corfu, Himalaya, Canberra and Oriana. He left P&O in October 1978 by which time he was Senior Second Engineer Officer.

He was married to Dorothy Munt, who was a former social hostess he met when they were both 0n Himalaya.

The funeral will be at 12.45 pm on Monday 18 July at Kingsdown Crematorium, Kingsdown Road, Swindon, SN25 6SG.  Refreshments will available afterwards at the Chiseldon House Hotel and Restaurant, New Road, Chiseldon, Swindon, SN4 0NE.

Our sympathies go to all Brian's family and friends.


The above picture of Brian was the only one I could find on this site and was cut from this large Arcadia group.

Rest in Peace fellow Seadog