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Mike Page’s Memories

Mick Page writes;

I thought I'd send some photos and info that doesn't involve deaths of former shipmates.


I took early retirement five years ago after about forty two years in the marine industry. I joined the RN straight from school at the age of seventeen. I left the RN in 69 as a PO Electrician. Applied to four Merchant Marine companies, three Tanker and one Passenger. P&O took me on for better or for worse. I only did three years with P&O as I decided to get married to my wife Joan. 


I emigrated to Vancouver where we are now and have never looked back. I met Joan when she was on a cruise from here to Honolulu. I kept in touch as I knew we were coming back to do two and three week cruises to the West Indies. Joan eventually sailed on the Oriana with me to Southampton and after a two month camping trip around Europe we decided to get married. 


P&O was fun times. I joined the Oronsay the trip after the Typhoid party in Vancouver that Rod Sharpe described so very well. Coming from a mess deck in the RN shared with many other guys, the Oronsay was a floating palace. Well in my eyes it was, at first. I think the motto was, work hard play hard, don't spare the pineapples. 


In Vancouver I next did ten years rewiring and repairing fishing boats, talk about the other end of the spectrum, fortunately I like fish. When the fishing industry took a turn for the worse I went into the dockyards and into shipbuilding. At that time Bob Carlisle was working for BC ferries and was living on Vancouver Island. When he passed away I went to his memorial service and after it was over I got chatting with an Irish Ferry Electrician, that's ferry not fairy, who was Ex RN and left the Navy the same year that I did, although he was a fourteen year man. He said he would keep in touch, and if a job came up he would get in touch. Consequently as a result of Bob's death and my Irish matey, I did the next eighteen years until I retired as a BC Ferry Electrician. BC Ferries has about fifty vessels if I remember correctly, bigger that Canadian navy by far and probably getting close to RN from what I have been reading lately. So that's it for now the enclosed pictures are from the Oriana.


I'm the plod with the whistle, the other is a Second Mate I believe, name escapes me, as does the purser who's Neptune.


The motley crew above from the left is Les Harris (Lecky), Barbara ? (Nurse), me, Bob Warrick (3rd Eng), can't remember the entertainment hostess, Paddy Clare of course, Dave Barraclough at that time was the boilermaker, Baby Doc who's name escapes me, Jean who married the Second Engineer at the end i.e. Bill MacKonakie (a Kiwi), between them is Rick Butler Second Lecky. I remember he got married at Chelsea Town Hill turned up in a Horse and Trap.


Not sure how I got talked into this stage show as, apart from me, they were all Deck Officers or Pursers. Bob Carlisle was supposed to be in it but he chickened out, pity really, it's one of the few names I remember. From the left, ??, me, ??, Richard Standing (Purser) known as Penis Erecti by the Engineers and anybody else out of earshot. A good cover though. Next is another ??, then Dave from Jersey I believe, had a French name. Next Eops, Dutch WAP lovely girl, Tony the Second Mate, and then another WAP.


Back Row; Dick Standing (Purser), another Purser, Hugh ? (Entertainments), Tony ? (The Mate), ?? (Senior Surgeon). Dave ?, me. Names of the girls escape me apart from Eops at the end, Les Harris is sending some pictures in, he will have some names I think. The guy sat on the deck at the left was First Mate, nice guy, reminded me of Desperate Dan out of the comic.


From the right, Bob Warrick (3rd Engineer), Rick Butler (2nd Lecky), Les Harris (Lecky), standing was the Baby Doc, below him Barbara ? (Nurse), in front of her is Dave Barraclough, I forget the Fourth Engineer in front of him but he is sitting next to, who was to be, Jean MacKonakie.

The unknown 4th Eng in the above and below photos is Norm Geehan, thanks to Greg Sinclair for that information.


From the right holding his thumb, Rick Butler (2nd Lecky), Dave Baraclough (Boilermaker), Barb the Nurse, Norm Geehan (4th Eng), wee Jean Mackonakie, me behind and on his knees Les Harris up to no good.


Bob Carlisle and myself in Kyoto.


My wife Joan and myself at my retirement bash just about five years ago.


Me and my old banger last year.


Last Year on Vancouver Island.


So that's it for now, I have some other pictures I think but have yet find and scan them.


Best regards

Mike, (Mick Page)


There's more shots of Mike starting here.


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