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Paul Ridley’s Memories


No Chance, Eric Taylor, Paul Ridley, Tony, Mark.


(Steiners), (Steiners), Linda (Steiners) B4 Pour Out at Pig.


(Steiners), Sandra (Steiners), Graham (Printer) B4 Pour Out at Pig.


Canberra at sea.


Canberra at sea.


Crew boat trip.


Crew boat trip - Mark, Scary Joe, Jackie (Tel Op).


Dangers of falling asleep in PO's Bar - Ian Fooks (The Duke - Plumber).


Dangers of falling asleep in PO's Bar - Jerry Smart (Printer).


Dick (Plumber), Graham Bond (Bondi - Engineer), Barry (LMM), Mowglie (Plumber), Garry (LMM).


Eric (come up & see me sometime) trician.


Gary & Mark.


Gary blowing a kiss at Eric.


Geoff, Dick, Me - B4 Back to the Falklands Pour Out at Pig.


Going under bridge - Vancouver.


Making Black Smoke - Leaving Circular Quay.


Jangles (electrician) asleep as usual.


Jangles, Terry Trench & Mark.


Mark & Jangles pretending he just got called out.


Mark Steel (Steely), ?? (Shop or Steiners).


Me & Jackie (Tel Op) B4 Pig Pourout.


Me (Bogger), Geoff Pappin (Papps), Geoff Songhurst (Mr Plums) - Plumbers Shop - The Devil - Firemain Valve blew C Deck Fwd - San Francisco 1981.


No Chance & Eric doing Al Johnson.


No Chance getting angry at loss of Santa.


No Chance in pain from Eric's cheap wine.


Oriana - Arriving Circular Quay.


Paddy - Deck Officer.


Panama Canal - Transit.


Panama Canal - Transit.


Panama Canal - Transit.


Pete Garland (Judy) mainlining vodka.



Stevie Halifax (Plumber), Geoff Songhurst (Mr Plums - Plumber) preparing punch in plumbers shop for Plumbers Pour Out.


Suva Relief - Tug of war teams - Cooks.


Suva Relief - Tug of war teams - Plumbers, Carpenters, Printers, LMM's - Castaways.


Suva Relief - Tug of war teams - Steiners & shops - The Pink Pussies.


Suva Relief - Tug of war.


Tony & No Chance.


Tony bringing back supplies.


Tony, Mark, No Chance, Terry Trench & Gary.


Uganda - At Sea.


Uganda - Gibraltar.


Above is a pourout invitation. I hope it went well and wish I'd been there :)


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