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Rod Drake’s Memories


My name is Rod Drake (aka George or Rodders).
I was a Bank Line cadet but was lucky enough to be picked up by P & O when all the cadets were put off at the end of our cadetships (1980). I had no idea what I was getting into when I flew to Sydney for the first time I think it was the 22/2/81. I was only there a relatively short time as I had always said I would leave the sea when I married, I had seen lots of troubled marriages in my short career, I met my wife on my second cruise out of Sydney, I had the pleasure of being her escort at Captain's Cocktails and managed to hang on another 2 ˝ years before we married in Nov ‘83.
I started as an AEO and left a 4EO, lots of fun working hard and playing harder, I am sure you wouldn’t be able to get away with the things we did then these days. After getting married we settled in Brisbane and have been here ever since, Barb and I have been married 25 years this November and have 3 children 20, 18 & 17. I’ve had a mechanical workshop for nearly 14 years, we’ve also had a Donut shop for the last 18 months ( .
I still stay in touch with a few folk, John Rennie (customer now), Bullet and I email quite regularly, haven’t spoken to Rooster for a while and out of the blue Laz rang a while back, he is also in Brisbane and we have to catch-up but life is so busy. Anyway I’ve dug out a few photos below I hope they are useful, they were certainly fun, I am sure I have more somewhere.

ss Oriana,

So typical of the era I was on board, this is from the front of the farewell card that I received from all the fantastic idiots I had the pleasure of living with for 2˝ years. I joined the Oriana for the first time 22/2/81, I flew with Trog from the UK.


I was so scared that first cocktail party. This was the first time I saw my wife of now 25 years this year, it was March ’81 my second cruise.


Cecil & Barb!


Cuddles & Moira (Barb’s sister) in Brisbane.


Cuddles, not sure, Leo Threlfall, Clyde and Roosters wife (then) Helen at Barb and my engagement party.


Mark Steele, Jill & Lesley, friends of Barb’s on the cruise.


Steve Hockborn & Lesley.

Or should I say Chief – I was at college with Steve as a cadet – there are more stories there!!


Me, Lesley, Barb, Steeley, Jill.


Steve and Lesley, I think this was at the Bamboo Terrace, Suva.


Jill & Steeley.


Beachcomber I think, Sue Allen, me, I think Baby Doc and Stoker.


Alvin & Leo.


I’m sure you recognise everyone here.


This is Peter Kennington (aka Laz) – lots of fun


The Tug of War, that‘s me with the big nose and glasses.


?? and I, forget her name for which I apologise, she was a joker 7 I think, I really should remember.


This is Lloyds Register’s finest, Bales (skinny ginge), not at his best!


This is Rooster who would put him in charge of an Aluminium smelter!


Mark Steele taking charge of my fridge again.


Mark Steele as cool as ever.


Barb and Stoker is that a Newcastle Brown he’s got.


This is/was the wardroom that is Bondy chasing someone..


Then coming to grief.


Does anyone else remember Paul Williams (Mamby) I think he married a girl from Melbourne.


The Wardroom again, Bondy , Stoker and others.


You can’t see his face but this was Laz at his best, those wardroom stairs were always harder going down!


Bondy and Caroline – sobriety the only fault!


Scarey & Peam, Peam christened me George I’ll never forget that, still don’t know why he did that.


Laz again – in disguise.


Pellet, Ken Willey (I think) Caroline and others.


This is Scarey!


My house but this is how it was. Joker, Sid, Scarey, Joker.


Same but Scarey traded up!


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