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Susan Jones (Retired)


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L-R back row;

Rob Long (Staff Engineer Officer), Amanda Barnes (Food and Beverage Manager), Jerry Rayner (Environmental Officer), Steve Hockborn (Chief Engineer), Hamish DG Reid (Captain), Kathy Jones (Executive Purser), Steve Howarth (Staff Captain), Jan Bacon (Restaurant Manager), Stuart Gillies (Cabaret Singer), Colin Pomeroy (Food and Beverage Manager), Naomi Mcferren (Passenger Services Manager), Rainer Guinzel (Senior Doctor).

Front Row;

Paul Absalom (Assistant Cruise Director), Sharon Bowditch (Security Officer), Susan M Jones (Executive Purser), John T Maccarthy (Port Lecturer), Carla Absalom (Cruise Director), Tim Gibbons (Staff Electrotechnical Officer).


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The guest of honour and John Maccarthy all unaware that this photo was about to be taken :)


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Captain Hamish DG Reid.


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We dined Susan out as one would expect and had an overwhelming amount of messages, even got one to my private address just minutes ago. We compiled a book with them in !! The word document was over 50MB when finished but I have printed down to pdf and is now just less than 3MB !!! I have a lot of pictures as well but I need to give you some names and info to go with them. It was once again a very emotional experience and an end to a marvellous career which we were all very proud to take part in.


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Susan deciding which bottle of wine to put in her new barrel wine cooler that she'd just been presented with.


Fantastic gift ...


beautifully crafted by the staff onboard.


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Above is a fantastic photographic collage of Susan's life.


Finally, a brilliant presentation in PDF format of all the messages Susan received with photos of the senders which I originally intended to break down to put on the site but he's done such a good job I decided it's better left as is. Click on the gorgeous picture below to view the presentation.



You'll need the free Adobe Acrobat reader to view this tribute which can be downloaded by clicking on the Adobe image below. 



All the very best for a very long and happy retirement Susan, it was a privilege to know you and I'm proud to have sailed with you. 


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