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Oriana's Sunset Sounds



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Sunset Sounds

Recorded on the Oriana Australian Cruise 1975 by Aneurin Griffith and converted to digital from cassette tape by Steve B. Features DJ and presenter, Joe Gilfillan with very special guest, the late Les Diffey.



Track 01   (13:27 mins)

Les introduces each song which is dedicated to a particular member of the Engineering Department. I've taken the liberty of removing the majority of each song leaving just a fade in and out simply for the reason of file size and time. 


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Sunset Sounds

Recorded on the Oriana Australian Cruise 1975-76 by Charles Oxley and converted to digital from cassette tape by Kevin Timms. Features DJ and presenter, Joe Gilfillan.


The dulcet tones of the Joe Gilfillan reverberate through the ship's tannoy sytem. 


Track 01   (1:47 mins)

An introduction to Oriana for the passengers and includes Oriana's whistle as she leaves Southampton on 25th October 1975.


Track 02   (2:29 mins)

Peter Harris (2nd Officer) explains the new satellite navigation system just installed prior to this season's cruising.


Track 03   (0:52 mins)

Information about the Indian Ocean cruise where Oriana achieved 26.29 knots. 


Track 04   (2:34 mins)

An announcement from a not very happy Capt John Wacher about the despicable behaviour the night before where some idiots threw overboard 3 life rafts, 5 life rings and 360 deck chairs. They also damaged gangway equipment rendering one gangway unusable. This is followed by the sounds of a general emergency drill. 


Track 05   (1:14 mins)

An explanation of the many entertainments onboard with a mention of Mike Robbins as the Entertainments Director.


Track 06   (3:28 mins)

Mike Robbins explains his philosophy of life and how it relates to cruise entertainment and what he believes the direction of cruise entertainment in the future should be.


Track 07   (3:10 mins)

This is about the crew entertainment with a mention of Roy Dodson (Crew Entertainments Rep) leaving the ship in Fremantle and being replaced by Eddy Teale (Bedroom Steward) who speaks about the various nights he organised. This ends with a brief comment from Captain Peter Love. 


Track 08   (5:07 mins)

This then continues with Captain Peter Love on stage with his famous rendition of "The Hole in the Elephant's Bottom". 


Track 09   (3:02 mins)

Joe describes the Christmas Cruise focusing on the panto starring Derek Brough. Derek then tells us about the panto of "Cindafella" where he plays the starring role and and his co-stars, the two ugly sisters, were John Eaton and Jamie (Asst Head Waiter). Prince Charming was played by Neil (Asst Head Dairyman). Buttons was played by Garry (Bellboy). Also as extras were Colin (ABR) and Paul (Restaurant Waiter). The fairy Godmother was Michael Brown. The script was written by John and Jamie, the ugly sisters. 


Track 10   (1:30 mins)

Joe does a tribute to the engineers. He then describes some rough weather and mentions Dr Gallon.


Track 11   (1:16 mins)

This is about the officers of all persuasions and about the wardroom naming John Hammond (Electrical Officer) as the first Vice President.


Track 12   (0:51 mins)

A wardroom pub lunch featuring the brilliant squeezebox playing of Geoff Heap (aka Groucho) with a sea shanty followed by a rendition of Waltzing Matilda no less. A few people start to sing and I know the sound of my own voice and I can hear myself in this song.


Track 13   (1:58 mins)

Next to be featured is the catering department naming Bill Grundy and Trevor Friday as Chef De Cuisines listing all the food consumed over the 8 month voyage which included 700,000 cans of beer and 9 million cigarettes.   


Track 14   (1:16 mins)

Oriana, Pacific Princess and Arcadia were all docked in Suva together and as the PP left first we hear all the ships exchanging ship's whistle blasts that will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. 


Track 15   (0:47 mins)

Next it's the turn of the laundry department and the radio department to get a mention.


Track 16   (2:39 mins)

Captain John F Wacher tells of the varied VIP's who were passengers on this voyage, an eminent scientist, TV and movie stars and a survivor of the Titanic.


Track 17   (1:18 mins)

A mention of the ship's photographers Peter, Chris and Nick and the fact that all but 8 people took local leave or were flown home to the UK during this voyage and a specific mention of Stuart John, Ross, Malcolm and Janette from Steiner's and the lovely croupier Charlotte from Jokers Seven and finally a mention of the most important people on the ship ... the Stewards and Barmen who kept us all sane. 


Track 18   (2:08 mins)

Brian (Night Leading Seaman) talks about his job and about being a sailor in general.


Track 19   (0:47 mins)

Captain John Wacher talks about the way cruise ships are evolving and makes a bold statement about what will be the future. As it turns out he couldn't have been more wrong. 


Track 20   (1:42 mins)

Joe talks to Philip, one of 20 bellboys onboard Oriana, about how and why he came to sea.


Track 21   (0:36 mins)

Brian then tells his story of how he came to be on Oriana.


Track 22   (1:30 mins)

Captain Wacher then tells what he enjoys most about life at sea.


Track 23   (0:43 mins)

Joe now starts wrapping up the voyage and mentions some of the officers and crew who left the ship and/or their life at sea during the 8 months i.e. Mike Bletchley, Kevin Timms, The terrible trio from the bureau Dave, Steve and Al, Roy Dodson, The Rod Plummer Trio, Peter Beauchamp and Ron Simpson.


Track 24   (1:31 mins)

Captain Wacher now speaks about the gloom and doom of the economy and the cruising business in general and tells how much P&O Passenger Division lost in the last financial year.


Track 25   (1:51 mins)

Joe takes this opportunity to thank Catering Assistant Chris Bullen, 2nd Officer Peter Harris and Bureau Staff member Nicky Seymour for their help in putting together this wonderful broadcast finishing with a description of what will take place the next day when she arrives back in Southampton. A day I'll never forget as it was my last day at sea on May 16th 1976.


Track 26   (0:10 min)

Finally an unnamed deck officer on the tannoy orders the crew to open up the ship ready for disembarkation.


Our thanks go to Charles Oxley for having the foresight to record this for posterity.


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